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一 I am nicer than I seem so don't feel shy. I am trying to reply to everyone.

二 1st pov is a big no no to me and I refuses to use it.

三 I am a drama freak, so my plot ideas my have some sort of angsty twist to it. Don't like it? Come up with something better then.

四 The usage of terms like oppa, hyung, annyeong or any other Korean words are pretty much unnecessary to be quite honest. Please do write completely in English OR in Korean. I know that you've learned a lot in Korean dramas/songs, but people here on rpr tends to put those things in the wrong situations. (If the character is cross-dressing, sure use oppa all you want)

五 If I don't reply right away, I'm busy... so don't bother to remind me after ten minutes. Give me at least 48 hours.


Had to share this ;A; logic