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20 years old

graphic designer

not roleplaying 

binge watching kdramas

unofficially official 12/08
call me carmen
currently i withdrew from college because of personal reasons, however my study of focus is graphic design and writing. for the next year of my life, i'll be studying in europe and cooking, and it just serves as a reminder of how unpredictably beautiful life can be. if you ever have any doubts about life, remember: good things come to those that wait. also, good things come to good people. this is true, so if you're ever having a bad day, sit back, take deep breaths, listen to your favorite music and remember that life isn't one day, but many years, and tomorrow will be better, yeah? 

i'm in love with jongdae, irene, jessica, jonghyun, seohyun, taeyeon, luna, and krystal honestly #trash-imnida. i'm a for zelda and baking videos so hmu -- i'm also obsessing over game theories and exo's existence. i have a knack for learning new and exciting languages as well as a horrible habit to know people down to the core even if there's few interactions (probablyhastodowithhowmuchofanintrovertiamsmh). 

anyway, don't be shy to talk to me! i don't mind at all <3


flynn to my rapunzel
thank you. i love you. 

not roleplaying;
so please don't advertise! i'm not on rpr anymore since i'm not interested in roleplaying, however i'm staying here since i'm designing again and decided to design layout for three of my friends. if you'd like to talk more to me or know more of me, feel free to ask for my tumlbr or twitter since they are the social media that are open for anyone who isn't in my small friendlist. if you're interested in the layout shop i'm currently helping with, it's engyin layouts! please do give it a lot of love <3

my gmt is -5 and, again, i'm barely here, so if i happen to not reply to a pm or wall message, it's simply that i'm either afk or being lazy.
layout cr: desperation
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i have the best children;;

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yeah cause none of you ers can love daesies better than me lolol

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watch trigger and daesies be ugly again

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taesies/dagger couple since 2k15