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soups harmless e 25 seconds agoReply

and i'm not talking abt ic bc you're like a friend of mine here ? ? and i don't even hv your other contacts sdfg
kang daniel 51 minutes ago Reply 

whe n samuel transformed to sungkyung but still writes non coherent stuff i love you still soonyoung user nim

lee daehwi 33 minutes ago Reply 

wtf soonyoung usernim it's past 12am go to sleep D;

kang daniel 34 minutes ago Reply 


kang daniel 31 minutes ago Reply 


kang daniel 32 minutes ago Reply 

soonyoung usernim its 12:12 am wyd

lee daehwi 32 minutes ago Reply 

soonyoung usernim j ebAL

kang daniel 3 seconds ago Reply 

sends hearts to soonyoung usernim

kang daniel 42 seconds ago Reply 

when lami loves danny and jisung squints at danny 

claps soonyoung x parsley

jeon jungkook [ h ] 24 seconds ago Reply 

soonyoung's layouts are so niceu me likey

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about me!

Formerly -coups and  woozi_. I don't really like introducing myself because it's just weird lol. if you get to know me... well u just get to know me. Nothing much you can benefit from cause I don't really give any benefits. (that sounds wrong lmao if yk what i mean c oughs) I'm pretty active in rps so hmu all you want when you see me !

001 One lines in rooms only. I usually type two sentences to two paragraphs on walls. Or room roleplays.
002 Lives in the +8 gmt timezone.
003 Usually plays male characters. Plays female characters too but actually only Seulgi lol.
004 Male characters are biual but leans more to guys, but ladies my characters are still open really; female characters are straight, never bent.
005 Loves SVT a lot. Like. Literally. A LOT. 


s.coups [ giddy up ]

Status: inactive but not ??

mingyu [ giddy up ]

Status: inactive hiatus

woozi [ citrouille ]

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woozi [ chewing gum ]

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Seulgi [ cashmere]

Status: hiatus

Seulgi [ crazy]

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the8 [ prelude ]

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Status: inactive pt.21

dino [ x-semplice ]

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mingyu [ i like it 2,0 ]

Status: kinda inactive

hoshi [ very nice ]

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Chaeyoung [ my my ]

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Status: active

seungkwan [ windy spring days ]

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seungkwan [ limitless ]

Status: closed rp

mingyu [ bogoshipda ]

Status: active

seungkwan [ querencia ]

Status: active

chaeyoung [ b.h.s ]

Status: inactive pt.,,?

name [ rp name ]

Status: active

name [ rp name ]

Status: active

name [ rp name ]

Status: active

name [ rp name ]

Status: active

name [ rp name ]

Status: active

name [ rp name ]

Status: active




[AU] bar

A (preferrably M) is bartender at a famous bar around B's work area and B (preferrably F) is a regular at the bar because she thinks the drinks there are good. Since A always serves drinks for B, they got to know each other better because they always talk about random things from work to what food they hate. B is comfortable around A, vice versa.

: // m+M/M+f, romance/friendship.

[AU] School

A (preferrably F) is a transfer student and B(preferrably M) is a very friendly person. B helped A throughout A's days here. They quickl became good friends and can talk about anything they like to. They sometimes do mischievious things together like stealing their neighbours peppers and also stealing fries at the finer B's parents own.

: // M+f/M+m/F+f, Romance/ friendship.

[Au] convenience store

A (preferrably M) works the midnight shift at a convenience store somewhere near B's (preferrably F) housing area. A always sees B when B drops by sometimes for snacks. They never really had a conversation before but they know each other's names for they study at the same school. One times, B went to the convenience store to buy something ("something") B direly needs and they finally get to strike up a conversation.

: // M+f/f+f, more to friendship.

title here

Maecenas aliquam lacus eu sem finibus consectetur. Sed euismod, urna ac semper mollis, ex nisi auctor neque, non euismod risus tellus nec lacus. Integer lectus lectus, ullamcorper ut placerat id, vehicula dictum felis. Nulla laoreet felis eu ligula placerat luctus. Nullam ut turpis mauris. Fusce vitae mauris vestibulum, aliquet velit blandit, vestibulum risus. Nunc malesuada varius maximus. Phasellus et justo sem. Curabitur in vehicula nibh, a scelerisque ex.

: // hmm.


note to advertisers


I'm fed up with people just posting their advertisements on my wall all they want and think I'd apply. Tell you what, there's barely a chance. There's a few rules I'd like to clarify when you post advertisements. It MUST be a non au rp. Preferably crack. Must allow 1st pov. And if all seventeen members are taken in your roleplay, I'm bye. Unless there's Red Velvet's Seulgi available lol.




s.coups, jeonghan, joshua, jun, hoshi, wonwoo, woozi, dk, mingyu, the8, seungkwan, vernon, dino.

irene, seulgi, wendy, joy, yeri.

jin, suga, j-hope, rap monster, jimin, v, jungkook.

nayeon, jungyeon, momo, sana, jihyo, mina, dahyun, chaeyoung, tzuyu

dean kwon, iu, han donggeun, ailee.



rooms (90%)


walls (45%)


reply speed (60.5%)


writing style

detailed script / action (92%)


paragraph (17%)


multi-paragraph (9%)


novella (60%)