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KINKS: ing, denial, begging, biting, marking, , toys (on occassion), , mild breathplay, spanking, master/slave, , roleplaying, gagging, collar/collaring, voyeurism/exhibitionism, mild humiliation, groping, hair pulling, clothed , shower



== nov'16 Results from == 
88% Dominant 
80% Rigger 
79% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Brat tamer 
74% Switch 
71% Master/Mistress 
71% Sadist 
67% Daddy/Mommy 
67% Masochist 
66% Vanilla 
65% Rope bunny 
65% Submissive 
64% Owner 
62% Experimentalist 
58% Brat 
58% Voyeur 
58% Exhibitionist 
52% Degrader 
52% Primal (Prey) 
44% Girl/Boy 
41% Ageplayer 
36% Pet 
33% Degradee 
32% Slave 
17% Non-monogamist


== feb'17 Results from == 
97% Dominant 
94% Rigger 
91% Master/Mistress 
90% Brat tamer 
85% Primal (Hunter) 
77% Owner 
75% Daddy/Mommy 
72% Voyeur 
65% Degrader 
64% Sadist 
59% Experimentalist 
59% Vanilla 
55% Exhibitionist 
51% Switch 
46% Rope bunny 
42% Masochist 
27% Submissive 
19% Ageplayer 
17% Primal (Prey) 
17% Brat 
9% Degradee 
9% Slave 
8% Girl/Boy 
6% Pet 
4% Non-monogamist
About Me
i'm a
Hey there, you're a rockstar get your show on, get laid- wait what?
Nevermind that, I'm finesse (prev. tteokdoki), but feel free to call me nessie or doki or Ali (short for Alicia; though would only prefer to be called Ali if we're already pretty well acquainted).
I used to have an account here a few years back, but then deactivated it due to ooc stuff. I forgot the password and username so I made a new account instead (don't judge my goldfish memory ;;)!
I'm from Lawrenceville, NJ so my gmt is -4. I'm usually on late, like up late (1pm) to on late (4am). So if you need to chat, just hmu during those times.
I became absolute kpop trash in 2012, and my first favorite group was BIGBANG. I am currently obssessed with BTS, GOT7, MAMAMOO, SEVENTEEN, and an endless amount of actors/actresses.
My ultimate bias is Jackson Wang, because he is a dorky a$$ hong kong that can me I will love anyday. My second ub and husband of my delusional self is Mark Lee.

I will probably be found rping as females, mostly. Though I've noticed that more people will like and be willing to talk with you if you are a male, so I've been playing my hands as males lately.

I do write (and I am very much old enough don't worry), but only in 1st pov. I also can only as a guy in a guyxguy relationship, don't ask why but I can't with a girl as my partner (this goes for me playing as a girl as well, but I can as a girl with a guy partner). So basically, I can only do straight (as a girl) or nasty. However, for romantic relationships, I can do straight (girl or guy) or (never yuri, sorrynotsorry).

Will RP As: Jackson Wang (GOT7), Mark Tuan (GOT7), Chwe Hansol / Vernon (SVT), Lee Seokmin / Dokyeom (SVT), Kim Myungsoo / L (INFINITE), Jang Dongwoo (INFINITE), Kim Taehyung / V (BTS), Mark Lee (NCT), Wang Bowen (Actor/Solo), Choi Junhong / Zelo (B.A.P), Kim Yongsun / Solar (MAMAMOO), Son Seungwan / Wendy (RED VELVET), Kang Seulgi (RED VELVET), Kim Jongdae (EXO), Kim Minseok (EXO), Mark Tuan (GOT7), Park Chanyeol (EXO), Song Dahye (BESTie), Kim Hyoyeon (SNSD/GG), Moon Bin (ASTRO), Park Minhyuk / Rocky (ASTRO), Yoon Sanha (ASTRO), Nam Joohyuk (Actor/Model), Lee Jongsuk (Actor/Model), Park Bongyoung (Choreographer), May J. Lee (Choreographer), Nam Yoonsu (Model), Lim Sungjin (Volleyball Player), Kim Seokwoo / Rowoon (SF9), Kim Inseong (SF9), more to be added...basically anyone even the least bit dorky
my main hoe
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