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reach out your hand ad save me
i need your love beofre i fall
— about meeooowwww
hello there! nice to meet you ♥ welcome to my wall~

as you can see, i'm "meeooowwww-" but to make it shorter, just call me "mal". actually, "mal" is an abb of my full, real name and you're effing precious if you really know what it means oknojkjkjk no one asked

my age? i'm still 16-- yep, 16. i'm still in 10th grade and i'm pretty girly-- and crazy so think twice before talkig to me okno---

i gradually do pmrps rn but i do love talking with you~ please pm me or simply post some mesage on my wall and leggo talk~ ♥♥♥

if you're going to ask me what fandom i am, *literally waves a banner with a signage "amma bts trasheu please don't mind me*--- yes, i'm an army- but half not bcs i don't consider myself as one sometimes. well, i ship vkook and all, liten to their music and stuff, s q u e a l at every bangtan bomb videos/mv/teasers/teaser photos bcs dayum they're amazing ;u;

i'm simply a kpop trash tbh(not to mention every groups here bcs it'll be 20+ i swear) but i don't mind you sharing some new stuffs to me about kpop but yeah-- i do hope you'll talk to me and all ♥♥

about the ad, i usually rp as a girl- both au and non-au rp; i don't do that much tbh and i do yuri-au rp; fantasy rps are not my thing so please refrain from advertising an rp like that. and also, they must be available most of the time. so yeah---
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— taengoo_my_bias
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snowdrops 2 minutes ago
-- to irene --
hi there, the always lovely irene. i'm honestly touched to hear that because i didn't expect that without my presence, the rp is incomplete, but thank you for letting me know. i don't mean to disappoint any of you by my leave and i apologize if i made you guys feel that way. it's no big deal at all, i really love everyone here. in all honesty, joining this rp is one of the best decisions i've made in rpr -- probably, in life. i agree with your opinion on the success of the rp. and please don't overwork yourselves and get a lot of well-deserved rest whenever you get the chance. as for me, life has its ups and downs as usual but i'm still holding up, trying to stay strong through everything. deja vu is definitely hitting a nerve on me lately, but don't worry, i'll finally be alright in the end. good and bad days come and go, i guess. still, thank you for your concern, irene. you have always been among the sweetest people i've ever met. once again, i surely have missed all of your beautifully amazing souls. i hope everything goes well in your wedding with taehyung. you two make a great couple and parents in the future, with the blossoming love and chemistry since the first day you two met each other. and all the best for chaerin's relationship with junmyeon. congratulations to the both of you, by the way. he's sure a keeper and an awesome guy in general. make sure to sweet talk him often, i think he likes it. treat him sushi too, if you can. still, thank you to you too, irene, especially for creating this rp. you all are the best. <3
— kim taehyung • v 1 minute ago Reply

lord, joo you are so precious. i'm glad i sent the friend request now ahhh ♡

im jinah [ h ] [A] 45 minutes ago Reply

when irene's real age got me like

you so precious omg you lil bb
and in my head

bish you only a year older then her