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jung hoseok ⭐︎ [sh] 2 minutes ago Reply

cowchop: is the most relatable person i know
also cowchop: jeon jungkook 38 minutes ago Reply
jageun 53 seconds ago 
h n i'm all yours babe ;"")
 jageun 30 seconds ago Reply History
me a few minutes ago: i'm daddy
me now: i'm your smol baby
check latest blog post :-)


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oh, misty eye of the mountain below
keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
and should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
keep watching over durin's sons

if this is to end in fire
then we should all burn together
watch the flames climb high into the night

and if we should die tonight
then we should all die together
raise a glass of wine for the last time