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just thought i'd share some music i listen to from around the world.
(forgive me if the countries are wrong! i tried to look them up but you can't be 100% with that.)

es rappelt im karton ; pixie paris [ german ]
tous les memes ; stromae [ french ]
500 miles (i'm gonna be) ; the proclaimers [ scottish ]
yumeno hajima ring ring ; kyary pamyu pamyu [ japanese ]
toy soldiers ; marianas trench [ canadian ]
limbo ; daddy yankee [ puerto rican ]
relax, take it easy ; mika [ british ]
essa mina é louca ; anitta ft. jhama [ brazilian ]
nerd girl ; park heykyoung & long:d [ korean ]
she wants me dead ; cazzette, aronchupa, the high [ swedish & english ]
handclap ; fitz and the tantrums [ american ]
blue ; marina and the diamonds [ welsh ]
play ; jolin tsai [ chinese ]

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stan shinhwa // jun jin
debut: the resolver
comeback: touch

stan knk // youjin
debut: knock
comeback: u

stan sechskies // tba
debut: school rhapsody
comeback: three words

stan vromance // hyunseok
debut: she
comeback: i'm fine

stan a.c.e // wow
debut: n/a
pre-debut: dance practice

stan cosmic girls // exy
debut: momomo
comeback: i wish

stan monsta x // i.m
debut: trespass
comeback: fighter

stan akmu // n-a
debut: 200%
comeback: last goodbye

stan 24k // jinhong
debut: hurry up
comeback: bingo

stan history // kyungil
debut: dreamer
comeback: queen

stan ladies' code // n-a
debut: bad girl
comeback: the rain

stan turbo // n-a
debut: my childhood dream
comeback: again

stan block b // jihoon
debut: freeze!
comeback: yesterday

stan wonder girls // yubin
debut: irony
comeback: why so lonely

stan mamamoo // moonbyul
debut: mr. ambiguous
comeback: decalcomanie

stan orange caramel // nana
debut: magic girl
comeback: my copycat

stan exid // le
debut: whoz that girl
comeback: l.i.e

stan puer kim // n-a
debut: manyo maash(?)
comeback: pearls

stan k.a.r.d // j.seph
debut: n/a
pre-debut: oh nana

stan teen top // l.joe
debut: clap
comeback: warning sign

stan vixx // ravi
debut: super hero
comeback: the closer

stan astro // n-a
debut: hide & seek
comeback: confession
angst, drama, violence, fluff, slice of life, comedy, fantasy, supernatural, mystery, crime, romance, hurt/comfort, etc.

(YES): Asphyxiation, pain play, knife play, blood play, blindfolding, toys, riding, roleplay, light , vanilla, frottage, semi-public , edge play, rough-housing, collar & leash, ring, untouched, voice kink, pet names,  mirror , gag, body worship, car , clothed , spanking, , multiple partners, shower , wall , cross-dressing.

(NO): humiliation, toilet play (anything that involves waste), watersports, extreme & electric play(?).
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tmw you thought jiwon was possible gonna be your bias but then ko mothering jiyong punches you in the ing face to remind you who you're going to bias-- r i p me

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