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chinese 1 hour ago
okay let's just get straight to the point -
you like grilled chicken burgers, right?
or at least food? then come join us at
grilled chicken burger! we are a crack
rp, but we are serious when we need
to be and we will make you feel loved
24/7 - please don't shy away because
we are reopening - if you join, ken will
talk to you so much you will want him
to shut up, and then we will be active
again! so please come - you are very
very wanted ♡

we are very non-au, but you can also
be anything you want! even food ; u ;
unrevealed 16 hours ago
alright thanks for letting me know that, I hope you gonna feel better tho- tc babe, alright?
unrevealed 3 days ago
btw I was wondering if youre maybe interested in pm rp? only if you are available tho, like I dont want to bother or anything-
unrevealed 3 days ago
yes just like some of like when they are keep ignoring you but Im like okay, live your life as long as you want :'))) when you gonna tc of yourself I will make sure to do it just as well baby boo, no worries, I always put my friends in first <3
lol Im just started tho, well I started at first with snds then it came to super junior and shinee and the whole sm and then to yg, 2ne1 i still my ultimate yes I watched the goodbye yes I cried like a , yes Im prroud of that dont judge, then it came to ikon, winner, bigbang ofc lol and then to blackpink and now I stan them so much and wish them gooodluck but 2ne1 tho, there are always be first in my heart, I love mamamoo tho hwasa is my bias duh, bts is nice as well i love jungkook, who else, uh bap, infinite! I love ftisland and cnblue, Im the old kpoper btw so yeah, I cant tll you the new groups tho, well I like to listen girl groups mostly, sonamoo, rainbow, kara, dalshabet, stellar, after school, wassup, rania there are plenty f them but I cjust cant rememmber what about you love?
unrevealed 3 days ago
ahh I et what you mean, my best friend is the smae as you so I understand what you talking about, people are never gonna change :') well I hope so goddammit s hakes my fists at you, but go to doc anyway, its good to check up on your health from time to time bae
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas hyuna is life hyuna is love, shrek or whatever
unrevealed 3 days ago
Im glad youre alright tho, tired from work or school? what is you timezone bae? sick? omg have you beeen in doc?
just tired from work, but now Im chillin, listening to hyuna eue
unrevealed 3 days ago
sorry to bother you but Im gonna cling to your side for a while cuz Im bored lol
but yeeeah hi to you too bro then, f istbump or whatever you guys doin
lol, how yooooou dooin?
unrevealed 3 days ago
no prob, girl/man, have a nice day fella~
unrevealed 3 days ago
its me, taehyun from your rp btw o/
tightywhities- 1 week ago

❀ 櫻花 ❀

# nonau rp
# both povs
# only
rendezvous 1 week ago
b r e a t h e || an escape from life // no crack vacation au, open year round.

breathe isn't your typical roleplay (*cough*said every roleplay ever*cough*). excuse the pessimism but people go in and out of rps at the rate they breathe (see what i did there ;D *finger guns here*) and it's heartbreaking when an rp is built around family and friendship just to watch it all fall apart. breathe is literally a vacation rp from all rps (because we meta like that). a vacation from crack, a vacation from family, a vacation from cliques, a vacation from... you get what i mean (also i couldn't think of anything else to write). this vacation isn't only for your characters but also you, as a roleplayer.

take a vacation to a small, humble island. the city boasts great food, the country boasts its fresh air, and of course, nothing can beat our beautiful beach with its serene, out of this world atmosphere. it's easy to get lost in the fast paced city life, but here, you can relax and let your spirits free.
magnetised 1 week ago
pUHlease u v u
magnetised 1 week ago
*accepts that request pronto af*
blessings 3 weeks ago
what i dO WHAt i do
blessings 3 weeks ago
plants myself here
Kaworu 1 month ago
♠ We've been waiting for you, goshujin-sama // Butlers & Masters // Matchmaking AURP

“30,000 yen a day.
A simple job that anyone can do! You can just sit around all day if you want.
Interested parties, please come to the following address.”
A mysterious, yet irresistible job offer that anyone would dream of. All it consists in is being the temporary master of a luxurious mansion with a butler ready to serve you to your deepest desires. Do you have what it takes to keep things under control while the real master is away?
-3rd and detailed 1st POV
- only
-New with lots of characters available
-Upcoming New Year’s Eve event

Join us!
engageant 1 month ago
(NEW!) ⨳PARADISE⎜▶︎ non-au 1st pov rp.

A fresh-out-of-the-oven #BASIC roleplay, growing day by day! Enjoy your life as a celebrity with a little twist. Have fun if you love fun. Create drama if you crave drama. Find love if you want love. Make it your dream life and paradise!

+ tONS of characters available
+ very much active \ o /
+ active rp-ing on both walls & rooms
+ in need of co-admins!

shreddies 1 month ago
FAMILY RP. Born and established 22nd of April, 2016.
7 months in the long run and is still active.
Family. As we all know, it's the basic community people spend time with, hang out with, and talk with.
Family. It's the type of individual who we take good care, love, and treasure.
Without them we're incomplete; we're not the people who we think we should and will be.
Shookrene as a member of this RP for almost 2 months now, can say that this RP is one-of-a-kind.
People talk about a lot of things, throw some random and people will react... like instantly.
People love ships here. So don't worry, you'll be shipped with your love if you want to.
I basically can say that this RP is the most amazing RP I've ever been.
I've never been welcomed to any RPs I've been; I'm mostly a shy RPier but them being so jolly and talkative makes me wanna open up to things.
I really love this place; being here makes me complete.
And I know you're going to be too when you're going to enter here!
Being a shy member isn't a thing in this RP. We're FAMILY, your sadess, happiness, loss, joy, tears, laughter- EVERYTHING, we're going to share those with you.
So better come to this place or Shookrene will go mad(oknojk, I'm kidding with this thing)
Ahin, Jimin, Yoongz, and the rest of the members of the FAMILY is waiting for you~ <3

○ non au
○ all races and nationalities accepted
○ all genders and orientations accepted
○ one of the oldest active crack rps (so you dont have to worry about us suddenly closing/dying)
Kittysakura 1 month ago
welcome to looking glass, where vanity is at its finest. the word "looking glass" was an alternate way to say "mirror" back in the day. Now, we use it in this roleplay. Here at Looking Glass, we hope for you to have fun, make friends, love, actually role play and join us in many different events! We hope for Looking Glass to be a place of escape and just some other place where you can chat and have fun. We're not so different from other nonau rps, but we want to make this last and make you have a good time here. Give us a chance and we can all have a good time.
NightcoreLuv 1 month ago

۞Will you be a witness to change?
lulubutt 1 month ago
♆ BIKINI BOTTOM 《12.02.16》 ❝ᶤˢˡᵃᶰᵈ ᶜᶤᵗʸᵃᵘ❞ — fresh&clean ☼ lots of characters available ☼ come spend your winter on our island❢

Close your eyes and imagine a world away from the world; Where each day greets you with silver sands and crystal waves, while ending with hands clasped by the blazing bonfire. A cozy metropolis nestled on an Bikini Bottom paradise where you and hundreds of others all span the same multi-story apartment you call "home." Welcome to Bikini Bottom, where adventures tangle themselves in the palm trees and dreams scatter the skies like stars. Here, you can be as creative as you want and live your life to the fullest. Populate the island with cute families, advance in whatever dream job you please, get lost at the cliffsides if you have the time for it! It's all up to you. Take in that crisp, island breeze and get ready for the time of your life. Summer officially starts here!

⇨ Newly opened/lots of characters available
⇨ AU
⇨ Apartments/Homes
⇨ All orientations
⇨ Internationals allowed
⇨ Looking for detailed writers/all povs allowed
Incubus 1 month ago
Dear Human,

Many tales have been spilled about our secret island. How HUMANS and KITSUNE are kidnapped and brought here as SLAVES, auctioned off to the powerful creatures you have only thought were once myths you read about, curled up under your blanket at night with a flashlight in hand, scaring yourself silly. DEMONS and INCUBUS, SUCCUBUS and WITCHES, ANGELS and SIRENS, VAMPIRES and WEREWOLVES, HYBRIDS and DRAGONS. They are very real, and very much alive, forever seeking to cure their insatiable animalistic hunger for human flesh. Put your life into the hands of our accursed dice to decide which you will be. After all, only one number binds you in chains. The others, you choose your own DESTINY. So how are you feeling.... LUCKY?

✔All Orientations
✔Any Characters/Internationals
✔AU themed
✔Both POV

We're waiting.

❦Knightmare Island❦
sometimes_ 1 month ago
Please take a few minute to read this ^^

To be honest we are just a bunch of crazy people who wants to spread the love, fun and whatever we have in our pockets.. ok maybe less the money. This place is dedicated for people who wants to let the inner cray spirit be unleashed along with that fluffy side of yours!

We don't demand much! Just grace us with your sweet fluffy presense and let's make this place explode with hearts!

We always accept with open arms! Don't you worry, child~

« ⓒ ⓞ ⓣ ⓣ ⓞ ⓝ ⓒ ⓐ ⓝ ⓓ ⓨ »

i love you ^^ and will wait for you <3
Thugsbunny 1 month ago

⋆ An alternative universe, third and detailed first pov roleplay
⋆ Based on 21st century ninjas, Asian culture, realism
⋆ Allowing all ualities
⋆ Accepting everyone of Asian descent
⋆ Drama, Angst, Adventure, Violence and Action themed.

We welcome you to join us on a special tour which explores an unique island called Nebula. This island is popular throughout the world for their combat tournaments and their large population of modern day ninjas and martial artists. Twenty first-century life in Nebula was dominated by four upper clans: Ukami, Hyuga, X corps and White Lotus, though after their emperor's death in 2015, politician Shin succeeded him as president. With the rise of this new leader, he opposed to the ninja lifestyle and built up his own assassination unit known as ninja slayers, to exile every warrior. This brought trouble for the civilians as they lived in fear. Despite the fact that the ninjas had owned and lived on that property for several generations they remained "hidden" from everyone.. But for how long?

Come in and enter a new world with adventure.

sopeachy__ 2 months ago
⸢ ピカチュウ-ish ; ⸥ #17/11/2016 -not officially open but reservation open! [Accepting] JOIN & PIKACHU WILL WUV YOU #4EVER. { Admins needed }

PIKACHU-ISH;; A place where you can release your stress, stress is not good people. So why don't you come here & and cuddles with everybody. Everybody loves to be cuddled. Why there is '-ish' , thats because Pikachu have other sibling named PIKACHEXY. This place is for cute, pretty, y,handsome, cool -body. Don't miss the fun.

» Many characters are open.
» Au roleplay
» All orientation
» semi- & semi-crack
» Brand new
» 1st3rd POV
» Internationals allowed

--silence 2 months ago
All orientations,nationalities & ages welcome

Join us at
Land of Mortal Desires
Whether you live in the city or in a little town in the country, everyone is welcome.
We welcome people of all ages, nationalities and ualities.
In this world social & financial status is very important.
Three different lives:
Be rich & famous, ordinary or less unfortunate
Have power & influence over people
Live life to its fullest.
You can be who you want to be.
Face lifes journey's and challenges that will be thrown into you
Live a life worth living.

Wish List: Needing Active & Interesting Characters

bellhouse 2 months ago
Blood of the Reprimanded Dog | OPEN & ACCEPTING

"Hm? Are you going to die, you ask? Well.. *peers at you* looking at your weak little body, probably. Who am I? Why, I am the manager. I run this place darling~"

❦ only
❦ 3rd + 1st POV
❦ (very) mature setting
aphrodisiac 2 months ago
✶〈 cαтηιρ αddιcтιση。〉

Are you looking for some sort of companion to help make those
lonely days a little less lonely? Looking for someone to be home
to welcome you and help you relax after a long and tiring day at
work? Or maybe you're one of those abandoned little kittens
who have nowhere else to go. Well, come to Catnip Addiction,
where we have all types of kittens! Take a look around and you
may possibly find the one just for you. If you are one of those
kittens who are simply looking for a home, we welcome you with
open arms! We'll provide for you for as long as you need until
you find a caring owner to take you home. You're free to take a
look around and see if you think that this is a place for you.

✓ only
✓ detailed first and third pov
✓ hybrid/kitty au
✓ friendly admins

We'd love to have you join us!

**do remember that adopting a kitten does not necessarily
mean you'll be in a relationship with them, though you are welcome to!

amnesiac 2 months ago
feeling lonely, need some company? no worries, you'll feel right at #HOME here so come on over and join!

#HOME is an a/b/o au roleplay based in the city. only so, please, no girls! join your pack members and give them some love! you'll even get some in return winkwonk

- awesome and friendly admins
- default layout for your profile that you're free to change at any time
- simple application!!
- a/b/o dynamics
- city-based
- only
- detailed first and third pov!!
- open relationships are encouraged

if you needin' some lovin', come join in on the fun! you're welcome to join us at #HOME

( disclaimer: we aren't a crack rp, i swear! please check us out and join! )
absolem 2 months ago
零 EX NIHILO - crime and mystery au // events && mission based ↺

Ex Nihilo is a mature, all orientations, dual pov, literate, crime au roleplay set in modern-day Seoul. It is event-based and features a very interactive game play system. You can choose to be a criminal, citizen, or a member of law enforcement. We will assign assignments to our law enforcement, and have them go on missions and solve cases, and catch criminals. While our criminals, will have to be quick on their feet to avoid getting arrested. This roleplay, as mentioned before, is event-based, and we will have events at least twice a month, that will involve and impact ALL the characters here, no matter who they are. Some events may be natural disasters, a mass shooting, a disease outbreak, or perhaps even a high-profile serial killer or two.

main page -

need to knows-

wishlist -
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