「Midnight Academy」 ↬ only ↷ masterlist was majorly cleared! ↝ we need dem active people e n e » we want the rest of got7 & b2st♡

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the feeling you're getting when the darkness embraces you and you can only see the light in someone's eyes. the feeling you're getting when you're so cold yet so warm inside. the feeling you're getting when you're just...alone. at the of midnight, tears won't run down anymore. it will be different. here, you don't have to hide your powers like you probably did before. here, you can be yourself. here, you can embrace who you are. here, you don't have to worry about prejudice. welcome to midnight academy, where there are many people just like you. this is the place where everything you can imagine is very real.





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last_one_standing [A] 1 year ago
Kim Dongwook left. If anyone who I rped wants to continue in another rp, just friend me! :3
youmademedothis 1 year ago
Please reserve Jinki from SHINee for me
PrinxzTA3MIN 2 years ago
Sorry....I left with kyungsoo.
ExoticM 2 years ago
Been here since 2/9/2013....But i guess its time to leave
everyone left and honestly it makes me so sad to stay here
anyway thanks for everything, all the memories and all the laughs i enjoyed it
hope to see you all around
Kyungsoo is leaving
beoseot 2 years ago
Bae, Sorry,
Jimae and Jihoon are leaving Dx
alienbb 2 years ago
Key left...
Leereastr69 2 years ago
Jackson has to leave :( would miss Jihoon~ <3 bye Markkie~
alienbb 2 years ago
Applied as Key!
konggie 2 years ago
Applied is Jr <3
Cherno 2 years ago
JB left, I'm sorry Mark. I'm really busy these days.
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