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about hello and welcome!

Welcome to mean kids University fellow student. High school is over, people change, and some stay the same.  Who knows. maybe you stayed the same.

 //: About mean kids:  Mean kids  is currently open and accepting so you guys can apply. As you may know this place is a perfect place to show everyone what your made of.  On top of having to study all day you find yourself having fun with people who are your crazy classmates. A place where you could be yourself and have fun with everyone else here. Despite our differences everyone here gets along well , So please do join our crazy and fun university of weird kids.

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amadeus 6 months ago
Can you please add and reserve Suga?
DamnDaehyun 1 year ago
obj. left.
Flamingo 1 year ago
wendy left
jerlinnnnnn 1 year ago
add and reserve rap monster please o/
brandy 1 year ago
a & r Irene for me. ♡
toothfairy- 1 year ago
Join us!!♡♡♡ Sebooty would give you all his luff. Framis!! *slapped*
sjalvmords 1 year ago
a&r rv's sooyoung ty.
mimeomia 1 year ago
a & r wonwoo.
-sushi 1 year ago
a&r got7's park jinyoung pls
DorkSoo [A] 1 year ago
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