°˖✧ to infinity and beyond ✧˖° || LOTS OF OPEN CHARAS ☛ check the wishlist || "i ship my left with my right" -- song mino, 2017 | CONGRATS TO THE NEWLYWEDDED HONG'S!

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to infinity & beyond
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about us
To Infinity And Beyond, a haven where you can escape reality momentarily and just sit back and relax. Here, you don't have to worry about being left out or ignored so expect random people befriending you. Make friends, fall blindly in love, and have a good time. this is a stress-free zone. don't be afraid to talk to others. You could even drop a message to any of the admins and a reply just as friendly will be returned! Come and join our family.

This is a semi-au roleplay meaning that we are still idols, but we are not restricted to just talking with only our band/fellow mates in the company. You can let your personalities roam free. Your character may be any uality they want. 
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kodoku 1 hour ago
d a b s x∞
tasteful-bootynectar 11 hours ago
Lol I need an admin-
CityOfGlass 1 day ago
can you please add mei xin?
jahialx 2 days ago
a&r Minatozaki Sana
RiseandShine 3 days ago
please put moonbyul on semi hiatus.
Thanks a lot.
moonstar-- 4 days ago
seol has dipped
farewell my infinity and beyond family till we meet again
i left some messages for some of you on my profile and just
deactivate me and jennie you can delete wendy i hope to return again
someday bye everyone
moonstar-- 5 days ago
i say mama mama moo
Ten_Chittaphon 5 days ago
Yo hit me up with Joot from BTS!
DamnDaehyun 5 days ago
canislupus-- 5 days ago
i see buzz lightyear is free
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