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under the starry night


poem of the rp.

"Under these starry night we talked,
Will 'I love you' be heard?
You, here by my side made me safe,
Will you feel the same way too?
Your smiles- gently making a mark across my heart,
Thus, will you still make that smile when I need it to?
These stars are the evidences that I love you,
I will do anything for that love will be mine soon.
Your lips that I wanted to kiss,
Your touch that I wanted to feel,
Your voice that I wanted to hear,
The sweet sensation that I wanted to be just like that-
Under these starry night we talked,
Under these starry night I confessed, hoping that my love is like yours.
Just like the stars in the sky,
You're so close yet so far to reach-
Under these starry night you said goodbye,
Tears forming in my eyes.
And now, under these starry night I'm alone,
Wishing you to come back home."
-by meeooowwww--

 about the rp.

Isn't it romantic to be with your love uder the stars- talking, laughing, giggling, taking some random out of your heart? Isn't it amazing- you and him, alone together, turning back against the world even just for a while?  Isn't it quite an oppotunity- to speak yourelf out on what you feel, the love you kept? Those stars are the evidences of your love- though someimtes those stars is him, so close yet too far to reach-
But LOVE doesn't really mean about you having a special feeling towards someone. It is sometimes- always FAMILY.


one. Favorite the RP since it ensures the spot for your desired character. Upvote is optional but is APPRECIATED and LOVED ♥♥♥ two. Comment your desired character's name(please include the group for further grouping!) down the comment section for further reservations. Reservations last for 48 hours(2 days). If you failed to apply after the due time, we will let the others have the character instead. three. 2-3 characters per soul. We will have your 2nd character when you reach 400 points, 600 points for the 3rd one (but your 2nd or 3rd character must be from the other group, we will let you decide what gender you'll pick!) four. The password? :3 Keep looking darling ;) MPreg and LesPreg are NOT ALLOWED. We accept here(since too much people have the same last names I kennat hnnnggg- ;;) but IT MUST BE AGREED TO BOTH PARTIES. INTERNATIONALS ARE ALLOWED tho we only have a litmited slot for them. five.  is allowed preferably to Rated M rooms, walls, and PMs. Please use the rooms as well ♥ OOC and IC dramas are accepted but please keep it minimum. OOC dramas are specifially being done in the desired character but use (), [], or {} if you're not in the roomarrow-10x10.png. six. The "inactive" sign will show after 7 days. Make sure to post something before the sign shows or else we will give you a  WARNING IF that happens. If you've been given such and you didn't respnd after 24 hours, we will kick you out but you can join back as long as you want! seven. You're tired already? :3 Well, a little bit more pleaseu ♥ Dating Ban and Wedding Ban is present here! You can surpass the Dating Ban as you reach 500 points + week of activity, 700 points for the Wedding Ban. We, admins are surely happy to be your wedding planners soon~ eight. Please let us know when you're on Hiatus or such down the comment section. We admins will reply after a short while~ Please send your PMs here if you want some suggestions, recommendations to make the RP pretty. nine. The password? Here is it then~ "Make my wish come true" but sorry, Joohyun is bitter atm- c oughs. Please be active and hang out with people- or else jOO WILL BE MAD AT YOU nooknoshesnotbad-


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-Password:(check the rules please ♥)


one. 08.15.16, OPENING OF "Under The Starry Night" two. Sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt. three. Ut enim ad minim veniam. four. quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. five. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum.


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