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❝ how long can you keep it up ❞
update 001
[ 12.18.2016 ] the grand opening!
update 002
[ 12.30.2016 ] new year's eve party begins today! come join us in welcoming the new year! goes from dec 30th-jan 1st
update 003
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have you ever heard the stories about gods walking amongst us, mortals, in a different form? have you ever wondered if you may have passed by or interacted with one of them? well how would you even know? you woudn't.
The greek gods and goddesses alike have once again taken form and chosen to walk the lands, posing as mere mortals. their place of conquer? modern day south korea. they are here to graze the land and wreak havoc, or perhaps bring blessings to those worthy enough.
Now tell me, are you a god in disgurse or just an oblivious mortal?
1. favorite first before applying. 2. comment your character of choice's full name. 2.5. all reservations last for 24 hours. no exceptions. 3. this is semiau, so you can be idols if you wish. 4. no facechasing, godmodding, ignoring, or ooc drama. ic drama is allowed if agreed between all parties. 5. keep in rated rooms, wall, and pm. 6. if a god/goddess, you do STILL have your powers, but please BE REASONABLE. YOU SHOULDN'T BE KILLING PEOPLE. ALSO keep somewhat in line with their personalities (eg hestia, artemis, and athena shouldn't be sleeping around with everyone please). AND MORTALS, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHO IS AND WHO ISN'T A GOD. YOU ARE COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO THE WHOLE THING. 7. two characters are the maximum, the second character can be received after 777 points. Must have at least one of them be mortal. 8. no internationals, only characters from asian decent are allowed. 9. all povs are allowed, refrain from using one liners. 10. the ugly inactive sign pops up after a week. 11. if going on hiatus or semihiatus, please tell an admin. if leaving (and please dont leave after three days), please comment or tell an admin. inactive sign pops up after 7 days, only get one warning, if you don't respond within 48 hrs you will get kicked. You are always welcomed to come back though. 12. be kind to all and have fun. 13. p/w: your timezone 14. put up a dp and profile within 48 hours after being accepted.
full name
god or mortal: [if a god, which god?]
profession: [both gods and mortals]
kim taehyung, aka the great apollo, coming at ya. don't be afraid to come to me with any issues or questions.
LEe taeyong, also known as hades. The king of the underworld will find Time for any of your questions or concerns.
lee minhyuk aka eros, the one and only baby god of love. tempor incididunt ut labore.
min yoongi, better known as death or thanatos. tempor incididunt ut labore.
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studmuffin 18 hours ago
eun jiwon or lee jaijin?
pls 2 days ago
keep the upvote eue
daffodils 5 days ago
Still finishing some paperwork. I want to finish everything first. ;_;/ -minho
Sagittarius 5 days ago
rosé is leaving...i lost my muse, but i loved it here and will miss you all dearly
bxttxm 1 week ago
baekhyun gotta go
cowchop 1 week ago
please put my characters on a hiatus for about a week or two
KookieBTS 1 week ago
May I request and reserve Song mino from winner?
yeongdong 1 week ago
park soobin is leaving, thank you so much for having me.
i thoroughly enjoyed my time here but, ooc life is telling me i have to go.
i wish you the best of luck with this rp and hopefully you guys will keep on having fun without me.
< 3
daffodils 1 week ago
Minho here. I'll be busy with report cards and exams this week so see you guys again on the weekend. o/
Infiric_Cypherz 1 week ago
sungyeol needs a hiatus...ooc problemsss
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