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new and open! join the bunny fam!
, yuri, str8
1st&3rd pov
bunny /buhn-ee/ ; a small woodland creature covered in fur. do not attempt to catch it!
A bunch of little pink bunnies that are unique in their own way, silly, awkward, funny and friendly, gathering, talking, making new friends, being silly and awkward together. Jk- a pink bunny family, where we accept every tiny, cute, adorable pink bunny that wants to join, so do not hesitate to join! We won't bite, we'll just hop around until you decide to join- okno.
A very friendly roleplay, giving off that family vibe, making our very best to make people feel welcomed and as if they're a part of our little (for now) family.
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infobox - bunnies count o U o
- 66 || guys - 38 || girls - 28
01// favorite is a must, upvote optional
02// one liners and crack only allowed in rooms such as chat/spam and etc. if you use one-line rping on the walls we will have to warn you
03// ic drama is allowed, but keep it low please. if we see any form of ooc drama we won't hesitate to kick you out. and do not mix ooc and ic. i repeat do not mix ooc and ic!
04// please use brackets for ooc stuff.

05// inactivity sign will appear after 10 days. we will give you two warnings. you have 4 days to reply. if you don't reply within those 4 days, we will kick you out without a warning. you are free to join again though.
06// semi-hiatus and hiatus last for a month. when your hiatus is done we will warn you, but of course, you are allowed to ask for another one!
07// is allowed only on the walls and pm and the rated m rooms. if we see someone getting nasty in the chat room we will give you a warning. three warnings and you are out.
08// characters who are younger than 18 are not allowed to do .
09// all orientations are allowed. 
10//  international stars, youtubers, instagramers, ulzzangs, drag queens are allowed. honestly, you can be whoever you want. we don't mind. oc charachters are not allowed.

11// you are allowed to apply as an inactive character, just nudge us and we will take care of it.
12// face-chasing and godmoDding are not allowed!
13// Please don't be a wallflower :') join us in the room, we promise you that we don't bite.
14// 3 characters allowed. please keep them as active as possible.
15// there's no dating ban. but please be rational - don't start dating after a date. marriage is allowed. mpreg and fpreg too. 
16// please check the wishlist.
17// reservations last for 48 hours. if you don't apply in 48 hours we will delete that character.
18// if you have any questions you are free to nudge an admin! 
password is 'buhn-ee'.
full name:
ual orientation:


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Dontlookforme 15 hours ago
Gotta blast /
officialchim 17 hours ago
Add heo youngji
cheeze 20 hours ago
sorry but can i change my chara to heo solji ?
cheeze 22 hours ago
who to be -- i want to be a guy ;;
whoopie 2 days ago
reserve dahyun of twice
arsehole 2 days ago
e u e u guys keep doing u
ThatRedLips 2 days ago
Add and reserve kard's jiwoo, please?
secret_love 2 days ago
Who should i be~
jahialx 2 days ago
a&r choi hyojung ^^
Ten_Chittaphon 2 days ago
A friend recommended me here heh ^^

Hmmm.....Red Velvet's Wendy or AOA's Choa?
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