Mirai High [a futuristic mutant school roleplay || new, open and accepting]

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(a futuristic mutant school roleplay)

scroll right for description.


Year 4017. The human race had evolved from homo sapiens to mutants. The mutants used to be discriminated, being the minority. However, since the latter part of the third millenia of the common era, it has become a norm for a human to have a supernatural power since birth. Millions of children will be born every day and it will be more unordinary for one to be born without a superhuman power. Thus, during this era, mutants are the superior ones.
It is the forty-first century. Technology keeps growing and improving every single hour. Flying cars, three-dimensional monitor screens, bullet train that goes around the world within hours, medical facilities that uses nanotechnology, and a lot more.
It is the beginning of the fourth millenia. The division of the hundreds of countries have disappeared. Instead, the world is divided into four huge nations, based on their mutant abilities: ♤ ♡ ♢ ♧

Spades ♤ -Mental Powers (telekenesis, telepathy, etc.)
Heart ♡ -Physical Powers (healing factor, animal mimicry, etc.)
♢ - Physics or reality manipulation (animation, shadow manipulation, etc.)
♧ - Transportation and Travel (teleportation, time travel, etc.)

What is Mirai High? It is just a normal high school in the year 4017, located outside the territory of any nation.


Yui Aragaki - Bae Jinye - Lee Dongyeol

 scroll down.


1.) Favorite is a must. Upvoting is optional but highly appreciated.
2.) This is an auroleplay so you cannot introduce yourselves as idols here.
3.) These are all welcome here: internationals, both povs and all orientations.
4.) No cracks, OOC Drama, godmodding, facechasing, pregnancy, and death.
4.) Only one character per account.
5.) Unless you're in the ooc room, keep the ooc talks INSIDE the brackets or parentheses.
6.) Your character's ability must match his/her nationality. (e.g.  you can't have telekenesis as your ability if you're from the clubs). The password is: future
7.) The inactivity sign will show up after 14 days of inactivity.
8.) Comment below if you're going on hiatus or leaving. Maximum time for hiatus is two months.
9.) Comment below to reserve for your desired character. Reservations last for 48 hours.
10.) Have fun.

Name || Student/Staff || Position(if staff) || Year (if student) || Nationality [♤ ♡ ♢ ♧ | dual nationalities are allowed]|| Mutant ability (max. 1; click here for reference) || Password

Staff positions available:
Teacher - 2/3
Nurse - 2/2
Librarian - 1/1

Year level of students:
Freshmen (15-16 y.o.)
Sophomore (16-17 y.o.)
Senior (17-18 y.o.)



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Could you deserve Remi Baker please?
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Can you add DIA chaeyeon for me?
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Can you guys please add and reserve Liliana Montreal for me? Thank you very much in advance^^
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jaeduck had to leave. thanks for having me.
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