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"Don't know your name but I think I love you."

welcome to smitten!




New year, new me. Maybe getting a new job, haircut or something else to kick off the best year of your life so far. But what would a new year be without a partner, without a home? In Smitten everyone has the chance to find their soulmate and fall in love.

Smitten is a heavily romance-themed alternate universe for every man regardless of nationality and age. You can be anything you want, come from any kind of background and become anything you've ever wanted to be. The password for the application is peaches and cream.

Love isn't just a word. It's a noun and a verb. It's the feeling in the pit of your stomach when you see that one person. It's the butterflies in your stomach, the sweat on your palms, the racing of your heart. It isn't just a word to be thrown around and taken for granted. When you love someone, it's with your whole being, not just your heart or mind.

Who will you fall in love with?

How to apply:



01. Favorite before applying. Upvoting is highly appreciated.
02. This is a -only rp. is allowed in r-rated rooms as
well as wall and pms. Please refrain from underage ting.
03. There is a dating ban of five days. A marriage ban is
for a month. We wish everyone to be included, and if there
ever comes a time you feel excluded please contact an admin.
04. Both first and third pov are allowed and detailed rping
is encouraged. Keep oneliners minimal, preferrably nonexistent.
Crack is allowed in the usual rooms like chat room and spam.
05. IC drama is allowed, OOC drama is completely
untolerated. Also keep in mind that everyone has triggers,
so make sure you watch what you're saying so you don't
potentially trigger someone. And if you are upset by something
someone says, speak up about it! Don't let it fester; or, bring it
to an admin.
06. Hiatuses are understandable and humane. If you feel like
you need time off, please inform an admin. Inactivity occurs
after seven (7) days, after which you have 48 hours to get rid of
the inactivity sign. Applying to inactive characters is possible
unless they are on a hiatus. 
07. Second character is available after 300 points. Character
reservations will last 48 hours.
08. If you have any problems, please make sure to come to one
of the admins with your concerns. PMs are always open if you
need to voice your concerns! 


♂ = 50


activeness: 100%
opened: 01.02.2017
revamped: 00.00.0000
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AngelMegMaslow 1 month ago
Can you please reserve TOPPDOGG's Hansol for me? :)
luciel--707-- 2 months ago
I honestly love this rp <3 so much love and fun times but Frey has to go.
thanks fam \o/
-rambo 2 months ago
Moonbin left.
exhaustipated- 2 months ago
Sorry, Yongguk left.
uppercase 2 months ago
Thanks for having me!
ikigai-laotong 2 months ago
slaps a kiss on the rp <3
nemesis_ 2 months ago
I miss this place
HoRiZoN0 2 months ago
Jiwon is leaving I'm sorry
crosshair 2 months ago
reserve lee jihoon of seventeeen
lostinmisery 2 months ago
sorry minhak is going too </3
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