「 CAROUSEL 2.0 ┊ ❛ closed + possible reopen ┊ nonau, semi-crack, det1st&3rd┊ we have plenty of love to go around so pls join! 」

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round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go. will i catch up to love? i can never tell, i know, chasing after you is like a fairytale, but i, feel like i'm glued on tight to this carousel. 
1) this is a non-au, semi-crack, det1st&third rp. 2) Favorite please, upvotes are optional. 3) two charas per head but you must have 200 points before applying for a second chara. btw there is no pw 4) no ooc drama, we'll kick you out in a second. 5) comment for rservations, they last 24 hrs. internationals are welcomed 6) you have 5 days before "inactive" pops up, we'll give you one warning. if you're still inactive after two days, you're out.
how to apply
female/male - pw
+ if you were at carousel, let us know who you were!
have fun
non au - semi crack


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rowoonbae 1 day ago
seokwoo dipped
catscradle 2 days ago
sik left
i hope to come back if this rp reopens though
lovedust 3 days ago
Sana dipped
-skillet 3 days ago
Myung left sorry, i cant manage with finals
eristic 3 days ago
hyejeong left, sorry ;;
jageun 4 days ago
mimi left
leaves my heart for six :")
chinashabby 4 days ago
wheein left ❤️
prismatic 4 days ago
yeri left :c
babytiger- 5 days ago
seulgi dipped
yamazaki 5 days ago
i lov mi wife < 3
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