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about us
wee woo was first created just for fun when the song with the same name by pristin was released. now we've reached milestones after milestones and even became a trending sneke fam :D

the rules scroll
I. Favourite the . Upvoting is optional but you gotta give us a chance onegaii ; n ;
II. All orientations and povs are allowed. However internationals are not allowed. Mpreg is allowed and highly encouraged nouH- I mean yeah but it's allowed here. Strictly no one liners. If I catch you one-lining anyone in this place (except in crack room aka chatroom), I will kick you out without any warning. is welcomed. all you want (but not in non-rated rooms.) Just be mindful of the innocents.
III. Dating ban of 2 days.
IV. Understand that one person can have five characters but just be active or they'll be kicked outif you don't reply to the warning letter issued. You can actually date yourself if you're feeling lonely no judge h eh killed
V. Hiatus of a maximum of 2 weeks. No buts.
VI. Reservations only last 24 hours so please apply earlier. Comment down the full name.
VII. Inactivity in 5 days. You'll get a warning on the fifth day and will be removed on the sixth if you don't reply.
VIII. No OOC drama please. It's a disaster. IC drama is allowed but if someone leaves because of it, I'm firing whoever started the drama.
IX. Put up a dp once accepted for easy recognition. Or don't blame me for putting your derp dp. The magic word you need is WEE WOO WEE WOO WEE.
X. Have fun!

the crew
 park jihoon
 yoon jisung
 jung sewoon
 ong sungwoo
 yoo seonho

the form scroll
full name

updates scroll
0324 - wee woo officially opened
0424 - first month bash
0425 - revamp !
0506 - featured
0524 - second month + first activity check
0527 - the purge + the 200 fave/ featured bash

 new: name
 male: name
 female: name


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DemonEater 6 hours ago
can you add and reserve byun baekhyun for my 4th chara please? thank you!
incendio5 6 hours ago
Can you add and reserve kim taeyeon for my 2nd chara? Thank you!
eomjichoke 7 hours ago
can you , , ,, , give my yerin , , , ,,b ack ,,, , ,
tonghua 9 hours ago
solar dipped
__nostaIgia 10 hours ago
Changwook's out.
mynameisxxx 11 hours ago
i'll give a try-
a+r park seojoon please? c:
-redolent 11 hours ago
can i have knk jihun ?? :D Thank you
cloudsneke 12 hours ago
Lee sungjun hiatus please
-lavelycode 14 hours ago
Ladies' Code's Ashley or Brave Girls' Eunji? ^-^
Dontlookforme 17 hours ago
Can I please have sandara for my second chara...
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