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The Most Beautiful Moment.
about the roleplay
It's hard work being in some of the most prolific musical acts of the century. Exhausting, sometimes thankless, but it's unlike anything you've ever felt before. It's the most beautiful moment, a shining beacon of youth, and you get to spend it with your friends, brothers, and lovers.
In this world, there are humans, and there are hybrids, all living side by side in harmony. Hyrbids are sapiens who share the traits of both humans and animals, to a mild degree, typically manifesting in 'animal' extremities such as ears, tails, eyes, and teeth. Most common are canid, and felis, but some rodentia are also prevalent in the majority of the world. Some rarer hybrids share traits with reptiles and avians though. It's completely random, and up to the luck of the draw what kind of hyrbid you are!
hybrid AU, MxM pairings only please.
001. Be Active.
002. An Admin can create a private, Mature rated room for private mature RP's if you post in the Request Room.
003. No non-con, no underage, no , no torture, etc. ALWAYS check with your writing partners to see what they are comfortable with.
004. Hiatus can be no longer than a month. Keep us updated.
005. Inactivity will occur at 5 days.
006. Any god-modding will result in a warning. Repeat offenses will result in an immediate expulsion.
007. No face-chasing, come on guys.
008. No more than two characters per user. Admins can have up to 4.
009. If you want to play a character that is not on the list, request them to be added and an admin will review the request.
010. You must apply, and be approved, to begin playing.
011. Password is the first Kpop group you remember listening to.
012. Once you have been approved for a character, fill out their profile under masterlist in a timely fashion. THEN Go to the HYBRID ROLL room under IC Basics and find out what kind of hybrid you are!
Your Name (your username):
Name of character you're applying for:
 other information


the admins
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milkybunny 3 days ago
a+r kim juhyeon please
milkybunny 3 days ago
is anyone wanted?
Taengsic 3 days ago
Can i have Byun Baekhyun
pandabeardance 3 days ago
yo, can I get a 2nd character?<3
KINGMYG 3 days ago
Reserve Jung Hoseok please~
BunBunQuinn 4 days ago
Wonho is leaving.
TrashPanda 1 week ago
J-hope is gone
lookism 1 week ago
jinyoung dipped
thank you for everything
kim_myungjun 1 week ago
can i please apply as lee jihoon/woozi of seventeen?
MaoRobin 1 week ago
Can I be Mark?
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