The Seoul Academy of Love [Open || Accepting]

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The Seoul Academy of Lover
Do you feel alone? Do you feel left out? Do you want someone to be with you? Do you want to experience love? Or do you just want to have friends? Then, this academy is the right place for you. You can be in a relationship, have friends, meet new acquaintances and of course, have fun and create wonderful memories. What makes this academy different? We welcome horror, fantasy, drama and of course, romance.
Be part of our family! Come and join us! 



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lilxmonster 1 day ago
hello im new at this but my friend wanted me to join her in roleplaying so im trying it out can I be added please. I hope im doing this right
10969_ 1 day ago
a&r ten of nct please c:
babydiino 1 day ago
reserve SHINee's Key please?
Jiminxjami_ 2 days ago
can i get a classrome to teach pls
gdgukhwa 2 days ago
Hii, is it possible to reserve SHINee's Jonghyun?
forttaejin 4 days ago
uhh i applied!
hope i did it properly lol
Iris_is_trash 5 days ago
Hello! After being distracted and forgetting that this exists (I am so sorry loL) I would just like to say that Jimin (BTS) will be leaving :') I had a great time here! Thanks everyone!
notyearsofus 6 days ago
oh my god- I am screaming, this was one of the first rps I had join
Nuthang88 6 days ago
I upvoted and favorited this RP and I applied for Z:EA's Kim Taeheon.
Pinkhairdontcare 1 week ago
Can i please add and reserve dan-yun
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