The Seoul Academy of Love [Open || Accepting]

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The Seoul Academy of Lover
Do you feel alone? Do you feel left out? Do you want someone to be with you? Do you want to experience love? Or do you just want to have friends? Then, this academy is the right place for you. You can be in a relationship, have friends, meet new acquaintances and of course, have fun and create wonderful memories. What makes this academy different? We welcome horror, fantasy, drama and of course, romance.
Be part of our family! Come and join us! 



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Luhat-keepsmewarm 2 days ago
I'm going on vacay, can you please Luhan on hiatus? I'll be back soon~
swaggy_yeoja12 4 days ago
Please place Dahyun on S/H... exams are coming TT_TT
Luhat-keepsmewarm 4 days ago
I'm extremely confused. Luhan is inactive, I understand, I have not been online for a while buti there is another account as Luhan. Am I no longer him?
Luhat-keepsmewarm 1 week ago
I have applied for Luhan! Hopefully you'll accept me! <3
Heaven486 2 weeks ago
Hwayoung left, sorry! ;;;;
[comment deleted by owner]
GoldenMaknae10 3 weeks ago
a&r lisa manoban pls
_AiAstin99 4 weeks ago
I have applied as Tzuyu
yodaicechoo 1 month ago
hi, please put yoona on hiatus
risssy 1 month ago
hello admin, may I know how to join this roleplay. what should I in the character box?
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