★visual dreams layout gallery ● version nine | newest layout: kim seokjin | holy crap its been like 100 years since we've updated..

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Greetings everyone. I know it's been eight months since I posted anything on this, but hey, it was my senior year. I had things to do and I graduated
( lmao i know, I didin't think I could do it either. )
But hopefully I can start making some more layouts here and there for you guys since this layout gallery is still going strong. I know my revamp contains non kpop idols but it's because I've been obsessed with Marvel lately. So some layouts might be featuring Marvel characters but I will still make kpop ones too, don't worry.

Thanks for the awesome comments and always supporting this layout gallery even though I died. Much love and hope to get this thing back up and groovin'.





Visual Dreams Layout Gallery began as a layout shop on September 18th, 2013, but soon closed as the requests piled on. We provide free layouts that are RPR-safe. The layouts shown in this gallery will only be pretty and wonderful since it is made to fit the new RPR update, so it might look like crap on AFF.

Because this is a gallery,

We are home to two coders: Admin Pizza (Pizzaisdope) and Admin Aqua (Aquaman). If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below or message one of the admins for help. Depending on our schedule, layouts will be posted at random times. We hope you understand.

1. Favoriting is required if you plan to use a layout, upvoting is optional but appreciated.

2. Pleeeaseee don't comment asking if we take request because the answer is no. This is a gallery, not a shop. Our sincere apologies.

3. This is more of a profile type gallery so you won't be seeing a lot of roleplay layouts.

4. Please do not use our layouts as a base code.

5. You are allowed to tweak the layout as much as you want, but please do not remove the credit.

6. Comment if you are using a layout, and tell me which one.

7. You are not allowed under any circumstances to ever remove the credits or steal our layouts!! If we find out, you will be in a lot of trouble because then I have to publicly humiliate you for stealing someone's work , and I don't want to do that.

8. No bashing is allowed. If you do not like our layouts, please click away.

9. Please enjoy the layouts, and thank you for the lovable support and comments!

Thank you so much for making us the most favorited layout provider on roleplayrepublic.



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BABYelfArmy_Fan 13 hours ago
Using Taehyung thanks ^^
CheshireCatChen 13 hours ago
using chris thanks! ^^
Nct4u__ 1 day ago
Using Yoon Sanha ^^
mochichim 3 days ago
using seulgi. thanks.
SungJewel 4 days ago
using taehyung
KeysKillerBody 4 days ago
using hanbin
hyvngwon 4 days ago
Using Don't Be Shy!
meringue 4 days ago
using chris.
thanks o/
Hyacinthia 4 days ago
Using Yoon sanha. thank you.
aberrance 5 days ago
using sebastian
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