*:. ♥ ..。.:*・'Two Men One Love'・*:.。. ♥ .。.:* [Revamping / Accepting /Many characters available]

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The roleplay where our OTPs can live together happily ever after:) Tired of roleplays where it\s just about hot steamy ?
Of masters and slaves?
Of teachers and students? A
re you looking for some place to just spend some fluffy time with your bias and make your OTP dream come true?
Then you have found the right roleplay!
Scrollable text, so write as much, or as little, as you'd like!

001. Dont hurt your lover.
002. Dont betray your lovers trust.
003. No accidents or deaths.
004. If you fall out of love with your partner, talk to Taemin or Hyunseung and we will see what we can do for you. 

005. Sleep with no one but your partner but please inside your own home, room, wall, or pm (mpreg is allowed). 
006. No relationships with kids allowed (unless you talked to the parent(s)). 
007. Only One Character per User, second character might be allowed if you reach 200 activity points and follow the rules. 
008. Be active at least once a week! If not you'll get kicked out from this roleplay after you received 3 warnings!. 
009. No OOC drama and/or if you have problems or want to complain about anything regarding this Roleplay then please send a Private Message to the Admins (Taemin or Hyunseung). 
010. We don't want anyone to feel left out of neglected so please reply to everyone to the best of your ability. 
011. This is a roleplay, which means that girl groups will not be accepted. The only female characters allowed are daughters of other characters in this roleplay. 
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yaemeus 3 months ago
I'm sorry. Seungri left. This was my first RP and I really enjoyed my time here. orz
mochinekokun 5 months ago
Jungkook is going on hiatus
jaseojong 6 months ago
I'm sorry ;; Woohyun has to take his leave...
Thank you for the stay here and it was really fun ^^
bwikook-- 8 months ago
hey! I just realised that my character has been removed :((
and I apologise if I wasn't as active as before and disregarded the announcement.
mind adding jin back please? ^^;
KpopBunny782 8 months ago
Hi, I was the person who played Leeteuk. Is there a reason why it shows I am no longer that character?
And also, can I reapply as Leeteuk? Please let me know.
PrettyPup16 9 months ago
Anyone want to RP with me?
pinkpurpleblue 10 months ago
G-Dragon has to leave for personal reasons. Sorry to who I was rping with.
-Sik-K 10 months ago
Luhan left. And to everyone I owed an reply to, sorry!
TRavenous 11 months ago
Psst, would you allow three characters since one of mine is in a relationship with someone who isn't very active? I promise I'll do better with the activity checks and ask for help. :3
SirButtmold 11 months ago
Nichkhun left
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