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who do you ship?
changkyun x seungjun

donghyun x jeonghan

yoongi x donghyun

taehyung x everyone 

chanyeol x sehun

yifan x jimin
hong siyoung 2 weeks ago
Giri & Zico need to be on here because of all our pickup lines/puns
park jinyoung 2 weeks ago
me and my bed pls
park seungjun [A] 3 weeks ago
v card


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purifiedelixir 16 hours ago
kwon soonyoung has left, thank you for having me ♡
-fairybread 1 day ago
seokmin and bogum left.
YanAn-gel 3 days ago
dean has left
yonderly_ 3 days ago
Thank you, but I think ill be dipping for now.
Wish all the best for this place tho
eristic 4 days ago
mingyu left, sorry ;;
Cafficreme 5 days ago
hello! mind any of the admins to clear my wall for me?
thank you < 333

-- jin
luciel--707-- 6 days ago
Sorry for the very short stay, people here are very nice and im thankful cuz u guys accepted me here.. it's just that it's honestly hard to talk to people when they only want to notice those who they like?? but yeah thank you anyways \o
BabySquishMuffins 6 days ago
-Minhyuk ♡
MiaTasha2 1 week ago
Shin Jiho is leaving. Thank you for the great roleplay.
pandabeardance 1 week ago
Min Yoongi is leaving. I am not active here, sadly.
Thank you admin's for this great roleplay, where I have made some great friendships. I hope this place continues to grow and more people are able to join this family.
Thank you for having me here!
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