↬ hiatus

comment below how long
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kim seokjin 3 weeks ago
going on a short hiatus
not too sure about how long tho ;;
but i'll check in sometimes when i can
park seungjun [A] 3 weeks ago
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Cafficreme 1 day ago
seokjin left. thank you for having me here and it was fun until it lasted.
hope to see you lovelies somewhere else again.
stay beautiful < 3
bulgogiyumyum16 2 days ago
Youngwoo is leaving!! Thank you guys for accepting :)
-antasia 3 days ago
jimin/hanbin left
Sugarly 3 days ago
Yoseob dipped </3
cynphael 4 days ago
reserve yoongi?
sicario 4 days ago
yifan left
purifiedelixir 5 days ago
kwon soonyoung has left, thank you for having me ♡
-fairybread 5 days ago
seokmin and bogum left.
YanAn-gel 1 week ago
dean has left
yonderly_ 1 week ago
Thank you, but I think ill be dipping for now.
Wish all the best for this place tho
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