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lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /blinking rapidly, I just nod along to your words, not knowing if it's true or not since I've never been upset like this before
/smiling softly, I look for an ice cream place, thinking chocolate ice cream might be good since it's both chocolate and ice cream
Let's get ice cream then?.. Chocolate ice cream?
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *as we enter the rather large and busy food court, my eyes flicker around the area, searching for a small restaurant that sells sweets before I brought my gaze back towards your direction, your words bringing my eyes to rest upon you as our pace seemed to slow down a bit*
Usually..ice cream. People tend to drown themselves in ice cream until the feel better.
Or, anything chocolate. Apparently that's good for sadness.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /not knowing what else to say, I just nod when you've agreed to disagree, bringing a small smile to my lips
/as we walk farther into the mall, arriving at the small section where they sell food, I shake my head to your words
No.. But what do people usually eat to cheer themselves up?..
/whispers a bit, my pace slowing down a bit
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *tilts my head slightly as you speak before I offered you a warm smile, nodding my head a bit*
Alright, fair enough-
*my smile widens a bit when you take hold of my hand, the tug to my hand easily starting me to walk again, following in your footsteps*
Do you have a sweet in mind that you'd like to eat?
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /blinks when I feel your fingers against my cheek, I smile softly, shaking my head
I don't know.. but let's just agree to disagree for now and go get some sweets.
/smiles at you and reaches up, taking your hand,tugging you to start walking again
Let's go.
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon You haven't seen me at my worse. That's what scares people off..
*mumbles softly before smiling faintly at your last few words, reaching up to subconsciously brush my fingers against your cheek*
I'm sure you aren't that bad..
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /wiggles into the hoodie and smooths it down before glancing back at you, shaking my head at your words
It shouldn't scare people off..
/murmurs a bit before taking a deep breath, letting a meek smile cross my features
I guess you should get to know me a little more. Then you'll see what I mean by an emotional wreck..
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *blinks a bit at your question before giving a small nod of my head*
Of course-
*mutters softly, getting ready to help you put the hoodie on before I paused, noticing your hault in steps which bring me to my own stop as well, glancing over to you; emits a small sigh at your words*
Because it scares most people off..
And..you have a reason to be hurt and upset, Jihoon. That doesn't mean you're all around an emotional wreck.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /sighing softly, I allow you to drape the hoodie over me before glancing back up at you
Can I put it on?..
/when you suddenly take my hand in yours, I stop in my track to listen to you, frowning a bit
Why would that scare me off?... I feel like I'm that right now.. The fact that Soonyoung left, I broke down completely and turned into a sobbing mess. If that doesn't show that I'm an emotional wreck then I honestly don't know what will.. so don't worry about it scaring me off. I don't care about that..
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *blinks a bit when you hand me back my hoodie and frowns faintly before I drapped it back over your shoulders anyway*
Don't feel guilty. I'm fine, I promise. I had half a mind not to wear this today anyway, it's not that cold to me.
*at your sudden silence, it takes me a while to figure out how my words may have come across, but once I noticed, I reached down, gently taking hold of one of your smaller hands within mine, giving it a light squeeze*
My emotions.
*mutters out softly, beginning to explain what I meant from my earlier words*
I'm a very emotional person and quite sensitive. So..it tends to make me..difficult for others to handle.
*flickers my eyes to you*
I don't want to scare you off with them.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /my brows furrow at your words, confused before giving the hoodie back to you
One can not get used to the cold. Put this one so I don't have to feel guilty..
/my smile falters when you asked why I'm so persistent, making me wonder if I was being annoying again
/falls silent at the rest of your words, not knowing what else to say
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *shakes my head at your protest, offering a light smile in reassurance*
I'm alright, Jihoon. I'm used to the cold.
*raises a brow at you in curiosity, wondering why you seem to want to know so badly*
Why are you so persistent with this?
*mutters curiously before I blinked a few times, the smile reappearing on my lips*
Of course it does. It would lighten up just about anyone's.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /my eyes widen when you take the hoodie off, making me frown at you
N-No no! You put it on. It's cold out..
/mumbles a bit and can't help but laugh, nodding
Then it should be fine. So tell me now.
/when you say my presence lightens your mood, I tilt my head
it does?..
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *noticing your faint shiver, I shift, tugging my hoody off before lightly drapping it around your shoulders, leading you through the doors as I speak*
I can get to that level.
*mutters softly with a faint chuckle before I shook my head, my eyes flickering back down towards you*
I never get affected by other's moods, so don't worry. If anything, your presence lightens my mood a bit.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /arrives at the mall a few minutes later, my hands stuffed into my own pockets as well before I shiver slightly from the cold
As scary as me trying to murder half of my members?
/chuckles a bit and nods slowly to your words, quite relieved
That's good I guess.. I thought my mood got spread over toward you.
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon I'm not sure that's an answer I want to give you. It may scare you off..
*mumbles quietly before I flickered my eyes towards you, letting out a soft hum*
I'm glad to hear that.
*shrugs my shoulders gently*
It's nothing to do with here, so it's quite irrelevant. Just..my mood has been altered because of someone else, elsewhere.
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /frowns lightly at your answer, not satisfied with it
And?... You should still tell me the answer to it.
/pouts lightly before glancing back over at you
It's.. Better now.. After talking and getting my mind off it.
But why are you upset now?..
lee minhyuk 3 months ago
@lee jihoon *hums lowly in my throat, smiling softly at your curious questions*
If you knew me long enough, you'd know the answer to that.
*gives your hip one last reassuring squeeze out of habit before I retracted my hand from your small frame, tucking it into the pocket of my hoody as I began to walk*
Besides earlier, has everything else been alright?
*questions after a moment of silence*
lee jihoon 3 months ago
@lee minhyuk /looks at you, quite confused before shaking my head
Why would you be difficult?..
/chuckles quietly and smiles for a bit, rubbing my nape before walking toward the mall, not paying attention to the squeezes you give to my hip
park seungjun [A] 4 months ago
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