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shop till you drop.
lee jihoon 2 weeks ago
@yoon jeonghan /glances over at you as you drape your arm around me, making me grin
That sounds good~ I need some summer shorts.. It's too hot to keep wearing jeans.
yoon jeonghan 2 weeks ago
@lee jihoon how about we go buy some clothes? it's almost summer anyway~
/drapes an arm over you shoulder before leading us inside the mall/
lee jihoon 2 weeks ago
@yoon jeonghan /lets go of your hand once we've arrived, shrugging a bit
I don't really know. We can just walk around and see if there's anything nice~
yoon jeonghan 2 weeks ago
@lee jihoon /follows you along towards the mall, walking beside you once we enter there/
Yeah, me too. What are you planning to buy today?
lee jihoon 2 weeks ago
@yoon jeonghan /grabs your hand and gently drags you to the mall, humming happily
Haven't been here in a long time.
park seungjun [A] 5 months ago
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kingkobra 2 days ago
I'm having a hard time who to b ;;
minchan2 4 days ago
Mind if I pick. Up jungkook
Yoongz 5 days ago
mind if i scoop up taehyung?
SeoulVamp 5 days ago
I'm sorry but Minhyuk is leaving ;-;
scomiche 1 week ago
xiumin is leaving. sorry :-(
nunchi 1 week ago
kookie left. lost muse ;;
-fairybread 1 week ago
jeonghan left. sorry.
finesse 1 week ago
sorry babes but taehyung is out
thank you all for being such amazing peeps < 333
nunchi 2 weeks ago
aye, loves. please note that jungkook is going to go on an indefinite hiatus starting this next week.
i'll try to be on when i can and if there's any internet connection ( ⌓̈ )
thank you in advance. ଘ(੭ ᐛ )♡
_sonder_ 2 weeks ago
jihoon left
sorry guys :/
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