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run. jog. walk.
minpha 2 months ago
@jung hoseok /my glove covered hands were in my pocket as we walked towards the park and my eyes widen seeing the striking colors of the fireworks,turns my head slightly to face you as you speak and eye smiles nodding my head as best as the scarf around my neck would let me/
Mhm! Are you?
park seungjun [A] 2 months ago
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AngelMegMaslow 1 week ago
Can you please reserve TOPPDOGG's Hansol for me? ^^
kkamjongie- 1 month ago
Sorry but Jongsuk will be leaving.
epsilon 1 month ago
ksoo has left
Thank you for the stay
Not-My-Style 1 month ago
hey there Hyunwoo will be leaving. had fun till it last:)
blueashes 1 month ago
Hello admin, please let Taemin be on hiatus until 10th?
-Mino- 1 month ago
I am sorry but top is out nothing really going on and such good luck guys ..
vkookslittle 1 month ago
Minki will be leaving, It was nice here but I will be deactivating this account for personal reasons.
cowchop 1 month ago
s. minho is out
omgeeKpop 1 month ago
I'm sorry but Hyungwon will be leaving. I enjoyed my time here
cynphael 1 month ago
yoongs dipped
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