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choi seunghyun 4 months ago
The tall male walked into the nice restaurant. He looked around as he smooth his shirt as he told the waitress for one as he followed her to the table in the corner as he took a seat and relax looking at the menu.
noh steve 4 months ago
@do kyungsoo / a quite chuckle tugs itself from the base of , a deep rumble that fills the space between them, pulling you along the road carefully, unable to treat you without nothing but respect, placing a hand lightly atop the one that links, thumb brushing lightly across the supple skin beneath the pad, a soft hum of satisfaction for the situation parting his lips, guiding you along the side walk.
you like italian food, yes?
do kyungsoo 4 months ago
@noh steve /there's a momentary pause between the two of us, as if we're taking the moment to silently get a good look of each other, my own obsidian orbs falling upon your form, all dressed up but still casually clad, just the right balance to enhance you're appearance even more -- if that is possible. takes the offered arm within mine, arm looping gently and tugging the door close behind me as I take a step out and closer towards you.
well, isn't that flattering. but I've got everything so we can go.
noh steve 4 months ago
@do kyungsoo / pupils dialate on falling upon your, the wind catching you already and ruffling the short locks atop your head, his own chiselled features are tinged with red from the weather that threatens colds and illnesses but a smile curls sculpted lips upwards, contorting his countenance into a charming warmth, holding out his arm for you to take in order to guide you.
not at all, just impatient to see you. anything else you need before we go?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung [ It's okay, really~ ]

I've always liked to keep my options open. In all things.
/when you order, I incline my head to the server and turn my attention between them and you.
Yeah, that sounds great. Honestly I'm okay with whatever you want to order.
/when I feel your hand beneath the table, brushed past my knee, I reach out to lace my fingers with yours and run my thumb along the side of your hand just as affectionate, but glad to keep it private in that moment while I wait for the order to be finished and the server to leave the table; even after the server leaves, I move to hold your hand while sitting chest-up to the table.
Now, I think you owe me an answer about what music you like, hmm?
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (I'm sorry my replies are taking so long now)

Mhmm, music.
*nods slowly with each addition to your list, taking them all into consideration in the back of my mind*
So you like a variety of music. That's pretty interesting, you know. Not a lot of people like a variety anymore. Most people just settle with one or two genres and then don't go any farther than that.
Oh, I didn't realize. I wasn't sure where the boundaries really were in these questions so I wasn't sure if saucy was allowed. I'll tell you mine after we order, okay?
*reluctantly tears my gaze from yours and shifts it over to the server, quietly clearing my throat before I order*
So I think I'm gonna have some Japchae. What about you, Donghyun? We could get some Gopchang, since it's your favorite
*gives you a warm smile, reaching under the table to try and find your hand, having noticed your withdrawal when the server approached*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung Good.
/worrying my bottom lip for a moment, the tip of my tongue pressing to the corner of my mouth as soon as I release it from my teeth, I let my feet rest back on solid ground and nod a little.
Music? I'll listen to just about anything. I really like soundtracks, and classical music, anything instrumental that can get inspiration flowing. But, I like listening to R&B and hip-hop too, and not just to support Starship's sub company. Though, when I said anything, I meant... saucy questions are aloud too. But what about you?
/slipping a hand casually across the table, with the intent of clasping my hand over yours, I withdraw as I see the server approaching the side of the table, and I look from the server to you expectantly.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (You are very welcome)

Yes, of course you can.
*notices your subtle changes in movement and how much you're paying attention as I speak, which only makes me want to continue*
You haven't? It's really good in terms of flavor. It's not quite as spicy as things are here, but it can get close. I've heard there's peppers over there that are way hotter than the things we eat. I think we could. It could be really fun.
Latin food does sound good too. I have to agree with that. I like it but it's not my personal favorite. It's an acquired taste, I guess. As for desserts, I'm like you are.
Ummmmmm I don't know. What's your favorite genre of music outside of your own? And why? You say anything and I draw a blank
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung [ Thank you for your forgiveness. ; ; ]

Can I hold you to that promise then?
/my hand moves from my cheek to my throat, lightly clasping over the curve of it as I listen to you reply, giving a solemn nod or a hum where appropriate, and focusing on the sound of your voice as much as the content of your words.
I don't think I've ever tried Cajun food. Maybe we could try some, sometime. Together. Personally, I like Latin food is we're going for more exotic cuisine. In terms of a favorite food-- I really like gopchang, even though it's not everyone's favorite. But I do have a bit of a sweet tooth, so I'll eat just about any dessert I get a chance at.
Now, what's your next question? You can ask me anything.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (It's okay! I honestly thought you were like I was where you needed to get on a computer from mobile or cause of the other thing that happened today. You're forgiven!!!)

I swear to everything that exists in the universe that I won't do either of those things.
*swallows audibly when I feel your shoe against the inseam of my jeans again, my breath catching for a small moment*
Oh alright. Yeah, that's a bit insensitive on the fans' part in that case.
*moves my own foot upwards, slowly brushing it over your leg as I listen to you continue on from our conversation about your sister into the subject of colors.
They're all colors that coordinate well with every other color so I guess you could call them smart.
Favorite food or type of cuisine, huh?
I'm not really sure what my favorite type of cuisine is but I'm torn between Italian and Cajun food, as strange as they both sound. I love Korean food, don't get me wrong, but the flavors of each of those are completely different from what we usually eat. As for favorite food, I like too many different ones to have a favorite.
What about you?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung [ I'm just really sorry. ; ; ]

Because you would either never let me live it down, or you would never look at me the same way again.
/as I listen to you, I absently lift my foot again, lightly brushing the top of my clean loafer along the inside of your leg along the seam of your pants.
She's a good sport about it, the only time it's ever really been a problem is when she posted pictures of her dog, Cherry, after the dog had passed away.
/tilting my cheek into my palm, my shoe-clad foot still casually finding diversion by brushing along your calf, I listen to you quietly with another soft hum.
All good, classy colors, so I don't see much conflict there as much as some smart choices. Let's see, questions, questions... well, favorite food or type of cuisine?
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (It's alright! It happens)

Why would I remind you to make sure I couldn't see something entertaining like that?
*slowly nods when you speak about your sister, taking each bit of information to memory as I carefully listen along*
I'm glad she's successful on her own though. I kind of feel bad for her too. Not that you're not a great person to ask about, but it would be more polite for them to flood your instagram instead of hers. I mean, she's got a life too.
*gives you a bright smile in return, silently thankful that you didn't find my question stupid as I listen to your answer to it*
That's good. That does explain why you credited yourself that way.
As for me, my favorite one is right around that part of the spectrum too. I mean, I really like the color black, but I kind of like gray and silver too, so it's kind of conflicting.
Next question?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung [ So somehow I didn't see this. There was no bubble. T^T ]

Remind me to make sure you're never able to look it up on YouTube.
/sharing this moment together, I can't help myself for the quiet "hmms" that escape me as I listen to you speak in return, though when you talk about my family, I just allow a small nod and then add in my own replies.
She does. I feel bad that even though she's a pretty girl in her own right, with a business of her own, that people tend to flood her instagram with comments directed at me.
/letting the rest of my family pass out of conversation, I smile brightly as you ask my favorite color and then let my cheek fall to my shoulder.
It's not silly, honestly. My favorite color is black, that's why my credit as a composer is e.black. What about you?
do kyungsoo 4 months ago
@noh steve /perhaps it's the nerves, or perhaps it's something else but I find my fingers twitching as the jitter about against my hair, fixing the recently shortened lock up to make it as presentable as possible, an impression needed to be made as of what's to come. I'm clad in a simple grey turtle neck, black coat hanging off my form adding the necessary blend of monochromatic tones, along with some black pants; there's the echoing knock against the door and my head flicks over towards the direction, fingers now curling around my phone and heading towards the guest waiting just a door away, my hand pulling at the handle with a deep intake of air.
I'm sorry, did I made you wait?
noh steve 4 months ago
@do kyungsoo @bang yongguk [ ] starter :

/ dark orbs are inquisitive as a looming form stands in the doorway of your apartment, fitted white tshirt stark against the black coat and black pants that are worn on his broad form, foot tapping lightly as he's already knocked twice, thick locks swept backwards as their natural curl threatens to kink the strands, the soft ruffle of the wind leaving a few misplaced already; his iphone is now in his hand, checking the few texts that have been exchanged though due to busy schedules, they are minuscule but contain more than enough information for him to have driven with ease to your home, which he glances at in wonder, too naturally curious to not wish to see the interior and there is a silent mutter under his breath, which fogs before him.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (Oh alright. Thank you! Good morning by the way!:

I bet your attempts are really entertaining.
*after making my decision, I redirect my attention to be fully on you, nodding from time to time to show you that I'm listening, tilting my head slightly in the hold of my hands*
I fell in love with hip hop out of nowhere and it threw me for a loop too. I don't regret it though. I'm glad they were at least somewhat supportive of you. So one sibling, I bet she gets asked about you a lot. And those aunts of yours don't sound too nice to be around. I did catch your meaning. It did but that's okay. Life can't always be rainbows and unicorns, after all
*hums under my breath, running a list of questions through my head and trying to pick the best one for right now, one that will lift the dark spirits that are lingering*
You don't have to apologize, by the way. Ummm, as silly as this sounds, favorite color?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung [ That's quite alright, I'm looking pretty lustily at my pillow right now myself. We can pick it up when you like~ ]

There's nothing wrong with my cats, but I've been told my attempts to communicate with them aren't as pleasing.
/when nothing seems as appealing on the menu as just the prospect of talking with you, I lift my head and decide with more thought than it might seem, to simply rely on your own tastes; and instead I'm able to focus my attention on your answer to my question.
Interesting path you took then. As for me, my parents were fairly supportive of whatever I did, even when I was an ulzzang and I was getting attention for playing a delinquent on a variety show as a teenager. I have one sister-- she was born the year after me. No weird uncles myself, though I have an aunt who's nicer drunk than she is sober, and another aunt who is a hoarder with a dozen different personalities and a penchant for getting herself committed to the hospital for observation... if you catch my meaning. That took a darker turn than I meant it too-- sorry. What's your next question?
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun (Sorry if I slip off soon. I'm really tired)
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun There's nothing wrong with cats so by all means, try to prove me wrong.
*notices how your cheeks brighten with the rosy hue not long after I mentioned it, resting my elbows on the table and propping my head on the palms of my hands, glancing over the menu once again and deciding on something not too complicated to order*
Okay, go for it. I bet they'll be plenty interesting, Donghyun
*nods firmly before considering my answer to your question*
Let's see, my parents are pretty supportive of my career now but weren't at the beginning. My mom was more of a rock music fan and my dad preferred trot. Weird, huh? Other than that, my family is usually pretty supportive of each other. Ummm no siblings sadly and I've got one weird uncle who likes dancing on tables and another who thinks the zombie apocalypse is coming. What about you?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung I'll resist the urge to go look at cats with you, then. I'd hate to prove you wrong.
/when you mention my blush, I feel my face warm considerably more, and I bring my hand to my cheek, attempting to let my head rest casually on my hand as I peruse the menu for something that I find appetizing and not too expensive; though, as you talk about your own idea, I lift my head, endeared to the idea that our dream getaways are more similar than I might have thought.
Alright, I'll take the next one. We can share responsibility, but I can't promise mine will be very interesting. Let's see-- what's your family like? Parents, siblings, any weird uncles?
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun Hey, you could be and just don't realize it yet. I'll take your word for it but I doubt those things would make you any less attractive.
*raises a brow when I see the flush in your cheeks just before you glance downwards*
You're blushing. It's cute.
*shifts my gaze back to look through my menu, running a hand thorough my dark locks and flicking my gaze up from time to time, noticing you toying with your own hair while you explain your answer, attempting to imagine kt and smiling like an excited child as a result, shaking it off moments later*
Mhmm. Hawaii is a really good one. From what I've seen in pictures, it's absolutely stunning. I'm kind of leaning in same direction but more towards Bora Bora at this point. It's really pretty too but it's less crowded and more intimate than Hawaii, but that's just me. I really like being near the water and I enjoy the summery heat. Soooo your turn, unless you want me to ask again.
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung You make it sound like I'm some bombshell... but I promise, there are plenty of things I can do to make you realize just how far from mystical and y I really am.
/something about using the word y to refer to myself, even when it's with the opposite intent of calling myself y, causes me to flush and look down more intently on the menu in front of me, while I lift a hand to idly play with the ends of my blonde hair which have since fallen across my eyes and half obscured my face.
Dream vacation place? Well, I like being near the shore, so some place beachy. Maybe even Hawaii? If I can sit under a big umbrella with my shirt off and sand between my toes, while drinking some fruity cocktail, I'm happy. What about you?
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun That is very true.
*blinks in surprise when I feel your foot brush against the inside hem of my jeans, a nearly silent gasp falling from my lips when suddenly the touch is gone*
*shakes it off after a few seconds and shrugs at your questions, contemplating how to answer*
I think it's more of a bit of both. I'm kind of clumsy on my own out of sheer luck but your power over me might potentially have something to do with it too.
*a playful smirk had meanwhile made its way onto my lips as I explained, taking my own menu and glancing through it, skimming over each page in hopes that something would catch my eye, my expression immediately softening when I hear your next statement*
Oh yeah, we should probably do that. Ummmm dream vacation place and why?
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung It would be nobody's business but our own, if we decided to go down that road.
/in jest, I meet your foot with a little swing of my leg, lifting my own toes from the floor to skim the inside of your leg with the top of my shoe before settling my foot back down on the floor.
Are you really that clumsy? Or do I just somehow have that power over you to make you fumble that much?
/my lips curve in a teasing smile, though I turn my attention to the menus placed upon the edge of the table and draw one close to my side to casually glance over the locales offerings.
So, since we're out, on a date... we should get to know each other.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun I haven't been. I considered it amusing but didn't try to take to heart. And that's perfectly fine. It's a decent wish when you put it within a large time frame like that.
*feels the addition of your hand on my arm, not thinking too much about keeping things on the down low due to the fact that my company doesn't have me under the boundaries yours does, continuing to grasp your hand in my own, not wishing to let go but knowing I'll eventually have to, much to my sudden dismay*
That's good that you think so. I would hope they wouldn't see. I mean, if you decide to do that. I'd rather not have them nosing in our personal business to begin with.
*gently bumps your leg with my foot for fun, flashing you a playful grin*
You'd be surprised. I probably would've knocked it over and somehow knocked over the table while trying to fix the chair and just ended up with a disaster.
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung Omo-- don't think too much about the wish I made. To be fair, I can be a little silly when I'm lonely. If anything, that's more a wish for the year, rather than one I was making for the night.
/when we're side-by-side once more, I place my hand on your arm as we stand in front of the host, doing little to obscure the subtle intimacy between us in front of strangers, regardless of what I've already said about needing to keep my image; when we reach the booth, I pay another smile your way and I hold your hand a moment longer, even as I step to slip into the side of the booth and very reluctantly loosing my fingers from yours at the last possible second.
It's fine, the booth feels a little more intimate anyway, and no one will notice if I decide to start playing footsie with you during dinner. Of course, I don't think you would have messed up pulling out the chair anyway.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun You did, as much as that may surprise you. I'm glad you did too. It does, doesn't it?
*smiles lightly when I feel your hand squeeze mine, reassuring me further as I watch our footsteps that are now matching in stride*
Allow me to clarify. I didn't exactly have anyone in mind when I made the wish. This was because I thought me taking someone out on a date was a longshot goal that I would never reach. You did cross my mind, however, and you were the only one to. Again though, I worried you'd say no. I'm glad you find it interesting. I liked yours though. It was rather creative
*smiles in return as I let you step inside, a gasp and then a chuckle following when you tug me inside with you, stepping up to the host desk and asking for a booth for two, nodding as they ask us to follow as I gently tug you with me*
I would've gotten us a table and pulled out your chair for you, but I worried I'd somehow mess that up.
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung I must have made quite an impression on you then, and I'm glad I did. I'm glad you took the opportunity too, because this seems like the perfect way to head into the new year.
/casting my gaze to you, across my shoulder, I give a light squeeze to your hand in my grasp and I feel myself falling into a natural step alongside you.
Well, I'm not going to complain that I wasn't your natural first choice, because regardless I get to be the one to fulfill it. And I do think it's interesting. It's definitely a lot nicer than my wish-- at least part of it.
/when we reach the front doors, I can't help but smile as you open the door and I turn slightly as I step inside, tugging you in after me by our still twined hands.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim donghyun Ummm yeah? I contemplated it for a while but didn't know how to approach it without sounding like an idiot. So I kept talking myself out of it but then I found a great opportunity and took it.
*feels my heart skip when I feel your fingers intertwine with my own as I swallow my next breath, feeling you suddenly closer but not minding it*
I just thought I'd ask first.
*gently squeezes your hand in my own and watches as our joined hands swing back and forth as we head to the restaurant*
In simple terms, yeah. I wanted to take somebody out on a date, but I wasn't really specific on who. I figure this fufills the wish anyway.
You think it's interesting? You don't think it's cheesy or weird?
*glances back up when we reach the restaurant, opening the door for you to enter first*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@hong siyoung Kept thinking? You mean you thought about this longer than just... popping the question?
/as you ask, my fingers move to lace with yours, giving you wordless permission as I move close enough to nudge your shoulder with mine.
Of course I don't mind.
/I tilt my head down and toward my shoulder, glancing at my feet as I walk along beside you and allow a slight swing of our arms between us.
You wished to take someone out to dinner? That's an interesting wish.


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