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hong siyoung 4 months ago
@lee taeyong Siyoung had been setting out the food he brought from his apartment when he heard a knock on the studio door, signalling that his friend had arrived. Their friendship had blossomed by chance, really. SM thought Taeyong could learn something from someone like Siyoung. He had basically brought himself up from the bottom in terms of abilities, using his rapping and producing skills to bring him to the top. Now, he was one of the more popular rappers/producers in all of Korea. And that, was a title he was proud to have. At first, he thought the boy would be like some of the other idols he had met in the past; a stick shoved so hard up their backside he was surprised they didn't choke on it or just desperate to get into his pants. Taeyong however, had been a breath of fresh air with a down to earth personality. With Sungmin constantly away with his best friend on tour, his time in the studio had gotten pretty lonely, but no longer. Letting out a huff of satisfaction once everything was set out, he hurried over to the door and unlocked it, a smile breaking on his face at the sight of the other boy. "Hey Taeyong, come on in." He greeted, pulling the door open wider so the other could enter. "Sorry I took a while. I got us some food and just got around to setting it out when you knocked."
park seungjun [A] 4 months ago
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-SecretWings- 1 month ago
Hello there! Could you put Suho on Hiatus please? I've been busy :/
DanielUchiha 2 months ago
Can you please reserve TOPPDOGG's Hansol for me? ^^
kkamjongie- 2 months ago
Sorry but Jongsuk will be leaving.
epsilon 3 months ago
ksoo has left
Thank you for the stay
Not-My-Style 3 months ago
hey there Hyunwoo will be leaving. had fun till it last:)
blueashes 3 months ago
Hello admin, please let Taemin be on hiatus until 10th?
-Mino- 3 months ago
I am sorry but top is out nothing really going on and such good luck guys ..
vkookslittle 3 months ago
Minki will be leaving, It was nice here but I will be deactivating this account for personal reasons.
cowchop 3 months ago
s. minho is out
omgeeKpop 3 months ago
I'm sorry but Hyungwon will be leaving. I enjoyed my time here
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