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hong siyoung 2 weeks ago
@lee taeyong Siyoung had been setting out the food he brought from his apartment when he heard a knock on the studio door, signalling that his friend had arrived. Their friendship had blossomed by chance, really. SM thought Taeyong could learn something from someone like Siyoung. He had basically brought himself up from the bottom in terms of abilities, using his rapping and producing skills to bring him to the top. Now, he was one of the more popular rappers/producers in all of Korea. And that, was a title he was proud to have. At first, he thought the boy would be like some of the other idols he had met in the past; a stick shoved so hard up their backside he was surprised they didn't choke on it or just desperate to get into his pants. Taeyong however, had been a breath of fresh air with a down to earth personality. With Sungmin constantly away with his best friend on tour, his time in the studio had gotten pretty lonely, but no longer. Letting out a huff of satisfaction once everything was set out, he hurried over to the door and unlocked it, a smile breaking on his face at the sight of the other boy. "Hey Taeyong, come on in." He greeted, pulling the door open wider so the other could enter. "Sorry I took a while. I got us some food and just got around to setting it out when you knocked."
park seungjun [A] 3 weeks ago
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kwon soonyoung has left, thank you for having me ♡
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Thank you, but I think ill be dipping for now.
Wish all the best for this place tho
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Sorry for the very short stay, people here are very nice and im thankful cuz u guys accepted me here.. it's just that it's honestly hard to talk to people when they only want to notice those who they like?? but yeah thank you anyways \o
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-Minhyuk ♡
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Shin Jiho is leaving. Thank you for the great roleplay.
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Min Yoongi is leaving. I am not active here, sadly.
Thank you admin's for this great roleplay, where I have made some great friendships. I hope this place continues to grow and more people are able to join this family.
Thank you for having me here!
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