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jeon wonwoo 1 month ago
@moon bin Wonwoo had always been eager to practice, he thinks being an idol is a privilege so it's only natural that he earns his place as one. But there will always be days like this. Days that are dragging and tiring, too many things to do, so little time. He's tired but he can't rest just yet. hurts but he can't complain.
It's just so hard.
He looks at the dim lighting on the practice room as he sits down on the floor. "This day is so not my day." He whispers at the empty room. It was late, and no one was inside, it's the perfect place for him to be alone and be free with his thoughts.
park seungjun [A] 1 month ago
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epsilon 5 days ago
ksoo has left
Thank you for the stay
Not-My-Style 2 weeks ago
hey there Hyunwoo will be leaving. had fun till it last:)
blueashes 2 weeks ago
Hello admin, please let Taemin be on hiatus until 10th?
KookieBTS 2 weeks ago
I am sorry but top is out nothing really going on and such good luck guys ..
vkookslittle 2 weeks ago
Minki will be leaving, It was nice here but I will be deactivating this account for personal reasons.
cowchop 2 weeks ago
s. minho is out
omgeeKpop 2 weeks ago
I'm sorry but Hyungwon will be leaving. I enjoyed my time here
cynphael 2 weeks ago
yoongs dipped
jellynuts 3 weeks ago
yixing is leaving. i'm not able to come back from hiatus after all, sorry about that
all the best for the roleplay though !
eunoia-- 3 weeks ago
im sorry but wonwoo is leaving, i got close with a lot of people here but they've all left
i hope this rp becomes active again soon
all the best, you guys <3
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