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kim minseok 3 months ago
@wu yifan ((this is great! thank you <3))

/presses the glass of the drink I have at hand to my lips, and raises a brow at you this being my first drink of the night, I couldn't help but crave something a little sweet with a bit of kick, I just smile before I take a sip/
Not yet. But I'll probably end up there soon enough
/gestures to the drink at hand, and tips back again finishing off the sweet contents, and then my lips, only to cough a bit when you clasp your large hand on the small of my back, looks up at you with my lips screwed into a frown that doesn't last because it's you, and so I can only let out a soft chuckle and nod my head/
Go on, I'd like to see what you can do on there. /nudges my head to the dance floor, feeling rather curious and as if my own body has begun to loosen up now as warmth travels through it, and I stand and walk towards the dance floor, looking back at you and smiling wondering if you'll actually join me or not, but I find myself quickly lost in between sweaty bodies, the scent of hormones heavy in the air but I ignore that in favor of the beat that takes hold of my body for the moment, and begins to rock it to easily and it's no long before I feel hands on my hips but I'm just not feeling it tonight so I look back smile before shimming away very quickly/
When you just want to dance... /murmurs to myself while backing away and wondering if I should have waited for you or not, and bites my lips just moving through the crowd aimlessly while rocking my hips slow and nice practically in a world of my own, though my eyes wander around in search of you/
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun /waves back until the cab drives away. Before slipping off my shoes and placing them in the rack and walking inside. Heads to the kitchen to get some water, nearly screaming when the light is and there sits Jihoon, with a knowing look. Ignores his presence and continues my task. To elated to care about anything else.

[we can end it here, i enjoyed rp'ing this plot with you. if you get another idea or want to rp the camping trip let me know]
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /reluctant to let you go, and all too happy to kiss you again, I glance toward your phone at the same time, and adjust my arms to wrap them about you for a momentary hug before finally letting go.
Goodnight, Jeonghan. Sleep well tonight, and I hope you have sweet dreams.
/with that I part from you and head out to the cab, opening the door and turning to look for you in the foyer once more, waving once, and slipping in the cab to head home.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Yes, it was really, really good.
/steps closer once more, already feeling as though the tingle left by your kiss is fading from my lips and wanting more, then my phone begins to vibrate. Pulling it out of my pocket I see its the cab I called. I sigh and settle for a hug.
Goodnight Donghyun. Get home safely.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /lost in the moment, my fingers end up tangled in your hair and my hands ball the fabric of your shirt-- all but a moment too late as you draw away and I catch myself opening my eyes to stare breathlessly into yours, and my lips stay gaped as if expectant of a second kiss.
That was... really, really good...

[ Thank you, I try. ; ; ]
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun /catches your lower lip between my teeth tugging slightly before releasing and seeing the opportunity to move my tongue past your teeth for an experimental moment before drawing back, inhaling deeply. I gaze at you moving my hand from your shoulder to touch my index knuckle to my upper lip.

[well you're excellent]
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /the grooves of my teeth press to your lip and I graze the upper petal of your mouth a bit more aggressively, only to sooth the tender flesh with a swipe of my tongue shortly after.

[ You're not! ]
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun /shrugs slightly at the comment but doesn't move away at all. I part my lips wider to take your lower lip between mine, bringing my lips together slightly before parting them again and repeating the motion.

[im so bad at this TT
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan If you weren't so agreeable I'd call you a tease...
/this close, the puff of breath that accompanies my whisper causes me to disturb a few strands of your hair just before I tilt my head, let my eyes fall shut, and bridge that tiny remaining gap to softly press my lips to yours, enveloping your top lip between mine.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun I think I have an idea of what your response would be already, so lets label it a genuine request.
/rest one hand on your shoulder, finger tips dancing on the edges of your back while my other hand settles around your waist, a soft smirk on my lips as I tilt my head to get closer, but without our lips touching.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /at your tour guide spiel, I can't help but let out a quiet laugh as I turn to face you, arm still wrapped about you and hand settled on the small of your back as I stand just a bit closer than propriety would allow; when you mention a good night kiss, my other hand slips to the nape of your neck and wordlessly I lean in close enough to brush the tip of my nose against yours, my eyes left half-hooded as I whisper quietly.
It depends on if that's a genuine request as much as a theoretical one.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Welcome to the seventeen dorm, we're currently in the foyer. And beyond that door, twelve young men and a manager are sleeping, and if we wake them, we're dead. So... tours over!
/speaks softly as we enter the foyer deciding to joke around while we wait for the cab.
Theoretically speaking, if I asked for a goodnight kiss. What would be your response?
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan Fair enough.
/a softly laugh peals from my lips as I nudge you back.
Well, there wasn't any need to be awkward. You were congenial company, and I felt at ease around you.
/my feet speed up right along yours as we near the building, and I move my arm lower, toward the small of your back, as if to better brace you right until the moment we reach the building and the street out front is devoid of any taxi; I lead you to the front and open the door to the foyer.
After you.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Yes a gentlemen does, whether accompanying them on a walk. Or calling them a cab.
/smiles and nudges your shoulder to show its a joke.
Likewise, I expected things to be awkward. But they weren't I'm pleasantly surprised and very thankful.
Stares up at the sky walking along before looking forward, speeding up slightly when the top of the apartment comes into view.
It's just up ahead.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan No need to be sorry. A gentleman makes sure that his... friends, make it home safely.
/as you point to the right I follow your directions, walking steadily and making sure I don't walk too quickly or twoo slowly compared to your own stride.
If we beat the taxi, I don't mind waiting on my own. I just want to make sure you get to your dorm safely.
/my gaze turns upward to the inky night sky above, the lights of town making it difficult to make out more than a handful of stars scattered wide across the sky and dimly blinking down at us.
I had a nice night, with you.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Sorry about that. I'm okay.
/feels embarrassed that I can't seem to steady myself, but also grateful that you're there to help. Waits for you to settle the tab and walks along side you, pointing right when we exit the club.
Its pretty much straight from here then turns down a few alleyways. And we're there.
/keeps walking while dialing the number of the cab, going quiet when someone answers and giving them the address to the apartment, before hanging up.
We might be the taxi there by a few minutes. But we can just wait in the foyer, you can see the street from there.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan If you insist, it would be rude for me to turn you down.
/I murmur as I slip an arm about your waist to keep you steady at my side, realizing that of the two of us, my constitution for alcohol seems to be the stronger; on the way out of the club I close out my tab and retrieve my card, slipping it into my pocket before walking out with you at my side.
Just point me in the right direction and I'll make sure you get there.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun /stands up bracing myself with a hand on the table along with your grip, suddenly realizing how much the alcohol has affected my motor skills. holds back a laugh and takes a careful step
Oh, thank you. I can call a taxi to be waiting at my dorm when we arrive for you to take back to your place. Please let me do this one act for all your kindness this evening.
/pulls out my phone and starts searching for a cab so I can make the call as soon as we exit the club.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /sliding out of the booth, I offer you a hand with my head inclined, standing firmly despite the apparent weight of my feet on the floor and the warmth in my face.
Shall I walk you back to your dorm? I don't feel right letting you go home alone.
/outside the booth I feel as though I have to speak up, the sound of the music suddenly seeming so much louder once I'm standing.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun /smiles and looks at our hands, before looking at your face knowing that this is goodbye. feels completely satisfied with the way things progressed and sighs contented.
A year of adventures, to spawn long term memories. I can definitely go along with that.
/nods firmly scooting closer to you to exit the booth
Yes, it's getting pretty late.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /though I'm reluctant to call the end to a close, I lift my glass to tip back the last few drops and on setting it down, I reach over to place my hand over yours on top of the table.
It's a date then, between newly acquainted friends. And I intend to hold you to it, because we have a year to fill up with adventures.
/lightly patting the top of your hand, I offer you another smile.
Should we call it a night?
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Of course we use that thing twice a year and when its one of the two times we use it the manager spends up to an hour looking for it. It won't be missed for a night.
/laughs reminded of the manager dispatching the group to look for the tent.
Well like I said there isn't much different between a friendly acquaintance and a newly acquainted friend. I found you nice and easy to converse with. I still find you nice and easy to converse with.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan Really? Does that mean we can make use of it? Because that sounds... fantastic.
/taking another sip, leaving just a few drops more in the glass with the same thought in mind, I offer you a friendly smile and a slight toss of my head.
You don't need to thank me. Honestly, thank you for coming with me, and for sharing all of that with me. It means a lot that you would when you hardly knew me before this.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun We'll actually be under the stars too. The company has a tent we use for team bonding summits it has a 'skylight' which is really just weather resistant transparent material. But its cool to be able to see what's going on up there. I hope you can get your wish too.
/sighs and gulps down the last bit of soju. looking at your glass wondering how much longer we have.
I don't know if I've said it. But, thank you. For the evening all of it, the conversation, the kiss, the drinks.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /withdrawing my head just slightly, almost close enough to rest my forehead against yours, I smile and move my hand to snag a few as well and nod just a little.
That sounds perfect. Maybe I can get my wish while under the stars with you.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun Of course you can. I'd never back out on a friend. Maybe we go on a one night camping trip?
/though its a statement my tone transforms it into a question. Giving away that I'm already looking forward to seeing you again. While waiting for your response I take some of the neglected popped rice snacks.
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan /seeing your lips curve into that smile, and feeling pleased that I've managed to perceive your needs before you do, I can't help myself as I lean in and softly kiss the corner of your lips, tasting the flavored liquor as much as your gracious smile, presuming it has a soft, subtle, but unnameable taste.
Can I hold you to that?
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun One night soon, so go ahead and fill up your schedule a few months from now.
/laughs and takes another sip of soju, a few strands of hair falling forward to frame my face my hand lifting instinctively to push them back, but before I can you do, my hand curls around the glass again while I offer you a grateful smile
kim donghyun 3 months ago
@yoon jeonghan One night. I'll make sure to leave room in my planner for that.
/your wink is practically disarming, and as I find myself taking the next sip, and listening to you say you'll be reminded of me, I can't help but set the glass down and reach over to brush back a few strands of your hair to tuck them behind your ear-- in the moment, it's the only suitable replacement I can think of rather than kissing you again in that moment.
I can say the same about you and the peach.
yoon jeonghan 3 months ago
@kim donghyun You might just get your wish, one night.
/smiles and gives a lazy slow wink, the alcohol lengthening the action.
Thank you, the pomegranate was a good choice. I'll definitely be ordering it again and reminded of you when I do so.
/takes a small sip, knowing its the last drink and leading to our goodbye, I want to stave it off a bit more.


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