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park jimin 4 months ago
@kim donghyun *begins smashing the right button repeatedly then alternates between all four buttons while jiggling my joystick like a madman, eyes wide with amusement and mischief*
Eh, I like the gore aspect of MK. The fatalities are wonderful.
*my voice is shaky as I jolt around the joystick, trying to anticipate your moves but im reality i have no idea what i'm doing so i mash buttons like crazy and hope to get a hit on you, not really caring if i win im just having a fun time*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@park jimin Sounds like a plan.
/glances over at you, a smirk curling my features when I hear your snort, and I nudge my shoulder against yours as we stand equally tense, waiting for the round to start.
We could try Mortal Kombat some time, test your skills against mine. Though to be honest-- Soul Calibur was always more my thing.
/as we both wait for it to start, as soon as I'm able to move I kick the joystick back, my eyes flicking from the screen to your hands and back, as if I anticipate you to be the type to press an advantage; in fact I simply lie my fingers on the buttons, waiting for you to approach before I try to deliver a single anti-air move.
park jimin 4 months ago
@kim donghyun Alright! I'll take you to my favorite one next time.
*gives a snort the waves off your eye roll, then looks over to see what you've picked, nodding my approval because Vega is op as *
What can I say? Mortal Kombat's more my thing to be honest.
*shrugs my shoulders then focuses my attention to the screen, fingers wiggling over the buttons while my other hand grips the joystick so tight if i had actual strength then it'd be broken; presses okay and my eyes lock on the countdown face set with amusement and determination*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@park jimin If you're paying, you should be the one to pick the restaurant. It's only polite.
/after sliding my card through the slot, I scroll through the roster, only to pause when I see you've picked Chun Li; I catch myself rolling my eyes.
Chun Li and a button masher...
/my lips part with a sigh and I scroll away from my first choice, Dhalsim, and choose Vega instead with my eyes locked on the screen, my right hand poised over the buttons and my left thumb and forefinger curled about the joystick as I give my few okays and wait for match start.
park jimin 4 months ago
@kim donghyun *accepts the tissue with a grateful nod, blowing hard into the soft paper before wiping it clean and throwing it into the trashbin*
Dinner would be nice, you can pic the restaurant if you'd like.
*slides the play card in the slot on my side and begins to choose the character, obviously picking chun li because i'm best with her, letting out a soft chuckle after having picked her then faces you with a wicked grin*
No, but I'm a button masher.
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@park jimin /overhearing your sniffle, I stuff my play card into my pocket and retrieve a small packet of tissues, thumbing back the exhausted adhesive flap to snag a tissue and offer it to you wordlessly.
I won't argue with being treated, even though I really feel like I should. Maybe we can go out to dinner another time. /my hand fits easily in your grasp and I follow your lead toward the familiar cabinet, happy to see that it's available to play and I immediately slip to the second player side.
I hope you're not the type to spam moves.
park jimin 4 months ago
@kim donghyun *sniffles loudly and wipes my nose with my sleeve, as we set out for the card kiosk, bouncing in excitement as you pay for our play cards*
I should totally treat you to something after this, since you want to pay for everything.
*gives you a playful pout as i was you take the cards, accepting mine with an excited jig before taking your hand and pulling you towards the street fighter game*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@park jimin You're on, sweetie. /a smirk twists my lips as I wiggle my fingers slightly within your grasp, the blunted tips a bit chilly from being free of my pockets for this long, and I glance through the second set of doors, the sounds of high-volume arcade games and equally high-volume people still muted in the carpeted entry.
I like the sound of that, though I have to figure out what you'd like best. /reluctant to slip my arm from you, I draw you with me toward the row of card kiosks just inside the second set of doors, and I slip my chilly hand into the pocket of my jeans to fish out my wallet and purchase a pair of cards for us to use with the games.
park jimin 4 months ago
@kim donghyun I'm a beast at racing games, so if I can't beat your in street fighter be prepared to be wrecked in forza. *releases a small laugh as you tug, my smaller frame bumping your shoulder lightly and causing me to giggle a little more, soon playing with your hand that was now hanging over my shoulder* This is going to be fun, we should get each other something nice when we have enough tickets. *presses myself closer against you as we enter the arcade, the humid air of the building mixing with the frigid winter air and causing my nostrils to clog up from the sudden change in temperature*
kim donghyun 4 months ago
@park jimin Just so you know, I'm no slouch when it comes to fighting games. /I tease as I grasp your hand, tugging you with me with a sudden intensity that steels my grasp and flashes in my eyes, only to ebb into a weak but jovial smile.
So we are going to beat the crap out of each other with an arcade cabinet and try to put a smile on that face again, right? /with a teasing prod delivered by my elbow, I let go of your hand to slip an arm about your shoulder, while the furry collar of my jacket bristles up against my cheek and tickles at my throat on my right, and the bracing, cold fingers of night air my left.
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cha eunwoo 4 months ago
@jeon wonwoo he walks with wonwoo on the sidewalk, walking to the bowling arena he speedily walked so they wouldn't have to wait so long. he gestured wonwoo to hurry up,"come on, you slow poke," after he finished his sentence he ran over to the big building. he opened up the door flashing to the line, he looked at him with a warm smile making his eye look smiley, "hurry and get in line."
park seungjun [A] 4 months ago
v card


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Thank you for the stay
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