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home sweet home
oh sehun [A] 3 months ago
@park chanyeol /slides my hands around the front of your thighs as i lean over you, groping at the sensitive inner flesh, warm in my palms as i squeeze multiple times and intend on having you more of the squirming mess than you thought you were going to be before
what's wrong? don't tell me you're shy... how many times have we seen each other before, hmn? how cute...
/teases you as my voice surrounds you like a blanket, or a cage, depending on how you feel hearing it and the topic of what i speak of, clicking my tongue when you tell me to get on with it and stop the teasing basically
now where's he fun in that? is someone getting impatient?
/chuckles to myself when you make your complaint about being pushed down against the cold counter, squeezing at your throbbing and giving it a few good tugs just the way i know you like it, sending a wink your way when you're either brave or stupid enough to look back and see what i'm doing, the redness of your cheeks undeniably cute
hopefully i'll be the pleasurable ruin of you before i'm the death of you, my love
/snakes my tongue out and swipes the slick muscle over your twitching entrance, wetting over the puckered hole before i blow out a gentle cool breath, watching as your body acts on its own and twitches, trying to move away
/digs my fingers into your hips more, pulling your up and back into the air, spreading your cheeks now as i massage the flesh in my palms and gives the right cheek a smack, groping at the reddened flesh afterwards
/pokes my tongue out again, this time avoiding your entrance directly as i run my tongue around the rim, feeling you flinch beneath me and its only urging me to go on, my tongue running a swipe along your sensitive underside
you're just the cutest hyung, aren't you?
/sinks my teeth into your left cheek after speaking, on the flesh and pulling back with a satisfying sound, watching as you bruise right in front of me for my very eyes to see
kim junmyeon 3 months ago
/wakes up and walks out of my room, rubbying my tired eyes before seeing both of you
Oh, hi guys!
/waves with a wide smile covering my lips
kim jongin 3 months ago
@park chanyeol Seriously? Wow, you guys -
*laughs and plops down near you so I can still look at you*
Hyung, why didn't you keep talking to them until they appeared again?
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@kim jongin /plops onto a nearby bed
honestly.. no idea
they all disappeared and refuse to communicate. i left them alone a looong time ago
kim jongin 3 months ago
@park chanyeol That's good then, hyung- *grins sheepishly before straightening myself out* where is everyone?
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@kim jongin Disturb? Disturb what?
You're welcomed in here whenever-
kim jongin 3 months ago
@park chanyeol *stumbles in clumsily as you drag me* hi HYUNG- DID I DISTURB YOU- I'LL GO IF YOU LIKE- *SWEATING*
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@kim jongin /drags you into the dorms
kim jongin 3 months ago
Can I come home yet-
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@oh sehun /my ears are mute to the sound of your voice, the rush in my veins and pounding of my heart almost too loud to hear anything, my back dips as to get away from your searing lips but the flat foundation ceases anymore movement and your lips meet their mark, my frustration and any other previous emotion starts to melt away into lust and the beautiful sound of your has my lips curling up into a hidden smirk, my pressing more into your pelvic, eager to feel your hidden member, hunger to hear to more of your music
/the hotness of your tongue distracts me from the movement of your hand and the motive it has in mind, the feeling of the cold, stale air hitting my now bare lower half has my cheeks growing a deep shade of red, being in a moment like this in front of you suddenly causes a certain shyness to fill my veins, my distaste and immediate discomfort for my emotions right now grows apparent in my eyes as they narrow and glare
I don't know Sehun. Why don't you show me instead of teasing-
/a small growl escapes the depths of my throat as i willingly let you spread me, my back growing tense, my jaw tightening as i take in this new feeling, what we're doing is a completely new experience for me, a small flinch makes it to my features at the feeling of your nails digging into my skin but i don't complain but i do however, complain the moment my chest meets the harsh coldness of the table, my lips curling in a curse
/a small shiver decorates my body at your words, my mind immediately filling with our past affairs and I can't help the tightness blooming in my middle and the heat growing stronger and tighter, pressing my warm forehead against the tables cool surface I let out a small exhale, trying to control myself but my strength is proven wrong the moment i feel your lower half grinding against my exposed half, my teeth comes in between my teeth when i feel your fingers in my hair and whine in protest as my teeth clamp onto them as i swallow a cry as your slim digits tease my harden
/my shock is evident on my face when i feel you brush downwards, my head turning back to look at you, my chest heaving up and down
what are you-
/if my cheeks could've gotten any redder, they did this time as i realize what you're about to do, this being something i've never done myself nor have had it done to me, squeezing my eyes shut i press my forehead tightly against the table once more as i press my lower half deep into the curve of the table
you're going to be the ing death of me
oh sehun [A] 3 months ago
@park chanyeol /sees you looking for forgiveness but i refuse it, especially when you tell em you'd never let me leave, unable to believe it as i shake my head and refuse to look you in the eyes a moment longer, the anger still coursing through my body like a drug
you can be forgiven later. for now, i just want to shut you up and keep you here before you end up doing some other stupid -
/mutters as my lips trace over your back, raising an eyebrow when you so easily melt into all of my touches but surprised the most when your hips are rocking back against mine, ing against your spine as i can feel the tension building in my pants
yes... yes give into me-
/mumbles as i look at the 'x' shape i've created over your back from before, writing my name with my tongue against one of the dimples in your lower back and smiles to myself as i do so, my hands reaching around your waist and undoing your pants with ease, the belt and buckle long gone
what do you think i'm doing, chanyeol?
/strips you bare in front of me, not the first time i've seen you but it still makes me a little bit breathless, my hands groping over your flesh before settling on your , spreading the cheeks there and groaning at the sight, tenting in my pants now
/digs my nails into your skin, leaving a row of crescents on each side from my nails, keeping your torso tilted down - especially wanting your poor buds to press against the cold, hard surface
is this what it's like for you when you're about to me? huh... you get all the luck
/looms over you as i speak, still half clothes as i rut up against your bare backside, one hand sinking into your hair like before but this time massaging your scalp, repeatedly as my other hand finds your , palming at it but in the slowest way possible, torturing you
let me get another look... stay where you are like a good hyung
/sinks to my knees in a fluid motion behind you, throbbing in my pants but i'm too distracted by you, pressing a kiss on your left cheek as the other is d and pressed in my hand, squeezing at the flesh before i smile and spread you much to your embarrassment
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@oh sehun /the emotion in your voice sends chills down my spine, your words fill my veins with regret and I feel ashamed of myself, the idea that was once meant to be funny no longer holds any laughter, my head lifts up to look into your eyes, my own pleading for some kind of forgiveness
/my eyes close when I feel the tips of your fingers trace over the red marks, my lips twitching at the feeling, my mouth opening to say something but you beat me to the punch and force my body around, confused as to what you're doing and about asked what the hell you actually think you're doing when I'm again silenced by the raking of your nails against my chest, a small groan escaping my lips as I feel your nails scratching into my skin, even despite the burning sensation i can't help but be chilled at your words, my heart dropping to the pit of my stomach
I'd never let you ing leave. I would be nothing without you and you ing know that I-
/tilting my head back once I feel the heat from the pad of your finger travel down my back, my body so responsive to your simple touches, my bottom lip now trapped between my teeth as I start to push against you to pull away but I'm pushed against the cold surface of the counter, a small curse escapes my lips at the difference of temperature
What the hell are you doing-
/my growl is once again silenced by the roll of your hips, a jolt of lightning running through my middle and up throughout my body at the feeling of your member against my , my fingers digging into the counter as i find my own hips willingly rolling against your own in a matter of seconds, your lips ghosting against my flushed skin makes me all the more crazed to feel you.. to have you in my arms and have my body pressed flushed against yours
oh sehun [A] 3 months ago
@park chanyeol why...? why do you need these reactions out of me? don't you know i love you? i'd die for you, do anything for you... when is it going to be enough?!
/shouts my frustration as you nuzzle against my skin, knowing if i wasn't so angry right now i'd likely be crying, feeling like i'm going to go insane as i seem to be unable to get through to you
good. ing good, chanyeol. you doubt me, you ignore me, you harm me on purpose, you push my buttons to see what i'll do and i'll show you. i'll show you the demons inside of my head and heart that grow and fester because of you... because of how you like to harm me
/lets you grip onto my hips as tightly as you want, pulling my lips up from your collarbone and eyeing the bruise blooming there, my dark orbs flicking up to your jaw next where those red marks from my nails are
i suggest you start acting like being mine. you're running out of opportunities here, chanyeol... one more push. what would you do?
/muses as i trace a fingertip over the marks, a small laugh coming from me as i seem to be losing control, turning you around as i've walked you close enough to the dining table, glad we're alone as i hold you from behind, my nails criss crossing over the front of your torso and leaving angry red marks there
would you curl up and cry? would you lash out and snarl? would you die without me? some part of me wants to find out, the part you keep on ing harming so wipe that smirk off your face - or better yet
i'll do it for you
/marvels at the long, toned back in front of me now, dragging a single finger down the length of your spine before i grip your hips, pulling them back against my own with one hand, the other tilting your chest down, forcing you to press your chest against the cold counter
/leans over you, lips ghosting up over your back as i hold you in place, my hips rolling forward and brushing my crotch up against your , fingers biting into your hips as a small growl pulls from my lips
park chanyeol 3 months ago
@oh sehun im not hiding the fact that I did those things to get an reaction out of you. I did. I wanted to see what you'd do but I wouldn't have kept it up for much longer..
/my head digs deeper into the depths of your neck, my nose nuzzling your skin as your words sink into my heart like shards of glass, the depths of my jokes cutting a slice of reality for me
You did hurt me Sehun! When you willingly kissed another man! I would of never done that! I only pecked Ten like that because you were literally an article of clothing away from ing someone else! That ing wounded me more than you can ever imagine. Imagine me latched onto someone else like that.. you'd be just as angry.
/when I'm roughly tugged from the safety of your neck my lips flash a deep frown at you but it's quickly melted away at the feeling of your lips against mine, my insides melting at the brief contact and it chills me to bone how a simple touch from you has so much power over me
/a hiss passes my lips at the harsh tough, the feeling of strands of hair being pulled out causes my fingertips to sink into your hips warning you to knock it off, the kisses of cold air against my heated skin makes me groan as I shake my head loose from your harsh fingers my lips snarling up to comment but the moment your lips crash against my skin, the harsh bites causes my words yo be swallowed down and to never be heard of again
/my eyes closing for a moment before opening and burning into the side of your face, my lips curled up into a lopsided smirk
I've always been yours.
oh sehun [A] 3 months ago
@park chanyeol you're pathetic... i saw how many you called to you in the hopes of getting back at me. do you think i'm stupid? don't tell me just one or two, you tried more. they just didn't work and that's not my problem
/grunts when you pull my hand down, eyeing the marks on your skin now before you push me off and corner me this time, my head tilting up when you slide your hands under my shirt and toy with my neck, my mouth parted when your lips brush over my own, eyelids fluttering as i do so
why not? are you just going to ignore the things you do? how they make me feel? how it makes my skin crawl? i don't give a if its jokes or not! its real to me...
/trails off as you hitch me up. my eyes narrowing when you tell me i should kiss you, i should slap you, turning my face to the side when you touch my neck once more, my hands curling into the front of your shirt
what little do you think about me? what little do you care about me? do you care at all? do you think i'd be fine anyway with you ing around with others? why shouldn't i do it to you? why? you hurt me, let me hurt you back!
and that should matter to you. if you loved me you'd stop it. you'd change, you wouldn't do it. but you don't. so screw you... have all the fun you want. jokes whatever- they make me fee numb and i'll ruin myself before you can
/grabs your face again, my other hand in your hair as i hold you tightly in place and hiss, my eyes flashing before my lips brush over your own this time, lips quivering as my eyelids are half closed
i'll go insane with you-
/pulls your head back hard enough to distract you, taking the time to slip down with my hand pulling off my shirt, tossing it to the side before i rip open your own, surging forward with my lips attaching to your collarbones, biting down until you bruise
you're mine... why can't you get that you idiot
kim junmyeon 3 months ago
@lu han I've been good too. Just a little tired.
/hums, pulling away from the hug and look up at you
I missed it too. It's not the same without you Luhan
/i say, puffing my cheeks lightly before a smile take over my lips as i stretch a hand out for you
What do you feel like doing today?
lu han 3 months ago
@kim junmyeon I've been good, what about you?
I miss spending time with you..
kim junmyeon 3 months ago
@lu han Of course! You'll be forever one of us
/nods, as i warp my arms around your waist, hugging you back with the same intensity
How have you been?
lu han 3 months ago
@kim junmyeon Really?
/hugs you tightly
kim junmyeon 3 months ago
@lu han /glomps you, grinning
Of course yes! It's always good to have you around Lulu
lu han 3 months ago
am i allowed to be here?
kim junmyeon 3 months ago
/makes my way out of the room, rubbing my tired eyes as i go to grab something to eat since yesterday i went sleeping without bitting anything.
/being way to lazy to make myself a proper meal, ends up filling a bowl with cherios' cereal and milk , taking a sit at the small table that we have in the kitchen. Eats the cerals slowly, almost falling asleep, having the risk of 'drowing' myself in the bowl.
do kyungsoo 3 months ago
/pads over to the living room couch, where a book sits by the clutches of my fingers and my phone on the other, glasses perched upon my nose bridge since I could bother less about have to wear those contacts. sits right by the edge, where the arm rest acts as a small leverage for my arm as the phone is settled down beside me, book then shifted onto both hands and flipped to the page I last recall reading.
oh sehun [A] 3 months ago
@park chanyeol /comes over to you when i see you working hard on your laptop, at least i think so since you're frowning at the screen like you so often do when you're in the recording studio
/squeezes your shoulder when i'm close enough, leaning down and pressing a brief kiss to your forehead before i place a cup of your favourite coffee in your hands, nudging your temple with my nose before i throw a furtive glance at the laptop screen but my eyes flutter back to the man in front of me
take it easy okay? who else is going to put up with my crap if you get ill hmn? and i mean more than colds and flues, i'm talking about emotionally too... i need my dumb giant elf as much as i like to pretend i don't
/massages your shoulders as i say so, sighing as i stand behind the sofa now and wrap my arms around your neck, holding you in a gentle embrace before i smile as i bring my lips to your jaw, patting your upper arm as i slide up
you know where to find me if you need me, handsome
park chanyeol 4 months ago
@oh sehun /the feeling of your fingers threading through my hair causes my to still and stop whatever I'm doing, my lips curling up into a smile when I hear the smooth sound of your voice
Hmm.. sleep well my love..
/my fingers come to rest onto your hips as you reach up to press your lips against my cheek, my head turning to capture your lips into a quick peck. giving you a small wink before you go, my lips forming a small 'o' before catcalling you
oh sehun [A] 4 months ago
@park chanyeol /comes over in the yukata you got me on our last trip to japan, running a hand through your hair as I try to still you in all your preparations for tonight to give me five minutes of your time
Hey... I'm going to bed now since I need to be up early okay? Have fun with the show and everything else
/pauses before I lean up and kisses your cheek briefly, giving your arm a small squeeze before I head off to bed, vivi at my feet as I go
park seungjun [A] 4 months ago
v card


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Can you please reserve TOPPDOGG's Hansol for me? ^^
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Sorry but Jongsuk will be leaving.
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Thank you for the stay
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hey there Hyunwoo will be leaving. had fun till it last:)
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