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lee hyunwoo 3 days ago
@park hyungsik Fine for "now".... *Quotes the word "now" mimicking your voice in a jokingly manner before crumpling the chocolate bar after realizing I finished a whole bar, looks down at the ball of trash* probably your just hearing things, maybe that scream was from the main character *pulla the pillow away from my face, I leaned over and placed my trash on the table to throw away later before I criss cross my legs and leaned back to my seat as I hug my pillows, press half of my face against the cushion, I press my lips against it as I stare at the screen as I watch the little girl sleeping until I flinched the moment I saw a shadow passing by in the corner of her bed before I jumped once more when hearing a loud bang* oh fa-! *Shut my eyes and buries my face against the pillow as I lean my back further against my seat, shivers at the cold breeze* these jumps scares... Aish... They are just ruini-AHHH!!! * Ends ups screaming when hearing a scream, takes a peak and suddenly meet eyes with the creepy nun with the mouth open and screaming demonic words, realizes that this will be a long night for me to sleep*
park hyungsik 4 days ago
@lee hyunwoo good, no more teasing for now *nodding, i make myself comfortable, taking a sip of my soda before i set it on the table, lifting the throw so it covers me more completely, as if i'm trying to protect myself from the movie* it sure sounded like a scream to me *glancing over at you, watching you hide behind the pillow, i smile, returning my attention to the movie slowly, relieved to find that the scares seem to have abated for the time being* i hate ouija boards...*muttering to myself, i try not to react to the movie, though i find myself jumping from time to time, my heart pounding hard, thinking to myself that next time i'll suggest an action film or a comedy perhaps rather than another scary picture*
lee hyunwoo 6 days ago
@park hyungsik No like in general you look similar like a panda... Ack * lowers my head when you hit me with a pillow you found on your side of your pillow, peeks over at you and pouts before pressing my lips together* pshhh fine. I will play nice... For now *hums and keeps my face hidden, stares down at the couch I clutched onto the pillow I was holding onto and lift my head up at you* that wasn't a scream.... Are you hearing things *tries to keep my voice normal before taking a peek out and stare at the screen only to find the scary part over, let's out a sigh of relief and brings the pillow down on my lap and rest my hands on top as I look at the screen when watching the main character just talking until they an ouija board appear* ahhh.... Why that thing *frowns and stares at the screen as I slowly started to talk to myself basically starting to get into with the movie only to jump a bit at unexpected jump scares*
park hyungsik 6 days ago
@lee hyunwoo *chuckling at your reaction, i decide i've teased you enough, and i focus on the screen, already feeling nervous because of the ominous music* cute? i'm cute now...i don't need bags under my eyes from lack of sleep to be cute *shaking my head, i grab a pillow near my end of the couch, hitting you with it when you start to make grabby hands, your singsong voice teasing me* come on, play nice...i won't tease you, if you won't tease me *shoving the pillow behind my back, i straighten the throw, ready to pull it over my head if things get too scary, your yelp making me start, my hand clutching my chest, looking over to see you hiding your face behind your pillow* i thought you weren't going to scream *swallowing hard, i lean back, wishing my heart would stop pounding, the popcorn forgotten, my eyes hesitant to focus on the screen again*
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik *scoff after seeing you rolling your eyes at me, looks directly at the screen and hides my face against the pillow as I clutch onto it only to hear you talking about the pillow I'm holding onto* what? Yah I didn't ask I'm not gonna be scared by a dead person *purse my lips into a pout when I ended up basically receiving karma after being teased by you* tsk shush I'm not gonna scream *mutters when my lips slightly parted and slowly chews on the chocolate before swallowing the sweet flavor* then again... Pandas do look cute *looks over at you and starts cooing, does those grabby hands at your direction before making my voice pitch higher* now that I think of it... You would be a cute panda hyungsikkie hyung~! *Taking a look out the pillow I nearly jumped off my seat when a jump scare appeared showing the scary nun* oh fu!!! *Yelps and covers my face with the pillow only hearing the sound of the music and the scream of the main character* a jump scare already!! When it's just the into!
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo *shakes my head when you stick out your tongue, rolling my eyes at you* why do you need a pillow wall if you don't scare easily? *grinning, i take a sip of my soda* i predict there will be screams tonight, and they won't be mine *chuckling, i lean forward, grabbing a few more pieces of popcorn, tossing them into my mouth before i sip my soda again* bags under my eyes? *my face goes a little pale, and i reach up, gently touching my cheeks before i shake my head vehemently* i will not be getting bags under my eyes, so you won't find a panda here *blinks when the creepy music starts, curling my legs under me as i nestle under the throw, my eyes ready to shut at the first sign of blood*
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Yea right.... Probably you don't wanna admit the truth that you do scream like a girl* looks over at you and sticks out my tongue as I continue teasing before pouting in the end* oi hyung I'm not gonna be scared that easily... Pshhh this is going to be my wall *smiles sheepishly and slowly shakes my head* .....no *mumbles hopefully outnumbers, unwraps the chocolate bar ripping a piece and eat it letting it melt in my mouth as I stare at the screen* ahhh you should get more rest next time hyung. Next thing I will end up seeing you looking like a panda with those baggy eyes *glances over at you and smiles before staring over at the movie watching how the main character started to walk along the hallway with a creepy music playing along*
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo *pouts when you tease me about screaming* i do not scream like a girl *glances over at you, watching you hug the pillow* looks like you're preparing to be scared yourself *tilts my head* you won't scream, will you? *blinks at you, a slow smile spreading over my lips which part to accept a few pieces of popcorn before i turn my attention back to the screen* i can sleep anywhere if i get the chance *nods* well, you know...when you're on a drama set...between shots, sometimes i'll catch a few minutes of sleep *chuckles* noise, bustle...i can sleep through it all
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Alright maybe one day we can watch the scary movie that makes you get scared *raises a brows when you mention about screaming, let's out a small scoff* pshh yea right. I bet it's will be a girl scream due to the unexpected *chuckles and hugs the pillow making it a wall in case a scary part appears then it would be great to cover my face, leans forward, I place the drink back on the table before grabbing a chocolate bar* doze off? Even if it's a horror movie theme * nods after hearing you mentioning that you don't receive regular sleep* alright I will wake you up when it comes to a scary part then if you do doze off when watching this *let's my words trail off before I froze and eyes back at the TV screen the moment the movie starts playing*
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo then maybe someday, if you're sure about handling the maniac, we can watch friday the 13th together *chuckles* be prepared...i'll probably scream...in a very manly way ofc...and squeeze your arm til it hurts *nodding when you decline the use of the throw, i tuck it around my legs before i lean forward, grabbing a handful of the popcorn* oh, i probably should warn you...i have a tendency to doze off when i'm watching movies...it has nothing to do with the movie or the company, but i don't get a lot of regular sleep so if i get cozy...*shrugs* just give me a shove, and i'll wake up
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik heh thats my charm * leans back against the couch and stares at the screen on the tv as it star off with the commercials, lift my legs up, I criss cross my leg to keep my leg warm and grabs the couch pillow and place it on my lap* yeah I will protect you! I will use my 'moorim school' techniques and protect you from the knife maniac. Im not going to let you die * smiles softly and press my lips together before I turn my head and kindly accepts the soda* thanks.. *looks over at you, soon after shakes my head* no its fine. I have this pillow to keep me warm so its alright * opens the soda bottle and brings it over to my lips, takes a sip*
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo you're sweet, hyunwoo *following you into the living room, i set the sodas next to the popcorn, watching you get the movie ready when i see a throw lying over one of the chairs, so i pick it up, carrying it back to the couch* ah, so you protect me from a knife wielding maniac, huh? *chuckling, i plop down next to you, pulling the throw over my knees before i lean forward, grabbing a soda, handing it to you* would you like to share the throw? are you cold at all?
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Nah it's alright, I insist hyung. I will prepare everything for you so no worries *shakes my head and sends you a reasuring smile, makes my way over to the living room, I place the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table with the chocolate bar beside it and goes straight to all the DVD, grabs the conjuring 2 movie and turns on the TV* you surely don't like watching Friday the 13th. Psshhh your going to sleep in a room with me so why would you be afraid *shakes my head, chuckles at your response before I put on the DVD, hurries back and sits down on the couch, looks over at you and pats the empty space beside me*
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo you don't need to do that, hyunwoo *smiles at you* just point me in the direction of the bed, and i can get it ready myself *nodding, i grab a couple of sodas from the fridge* don't start watching friday the 13th movies now unless you want some sleepless nights *chuckling, i hold up the cans of soda* i'm ready, so let's watch this movie
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Alright hyung I will prepare your bed later, for now, let's hurry and watch the movie! I never once watch the movie *looks over at you, pursing my lips I walked over and takes the bowl of popcorn along with the chocolate bar the moment you went straight to the fridge* is there soda? Soda would be nice... Regular cola *thinks about what horror movies I watched, pressing my lips together* to be honest. I never watched Friday the 13th or Michael Myer...
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo *nodding, comfortable with the idea of sharing a room, i take the bag of popcorn from you once it's done, pouring it into the bowl i found, the scent making me smile* let's hurry before the popcorn gets cold *opening the fridge, i look over my shoulder at you* would you like something to drink? *shrugs when you laugh at me* i don't mind the chucky movies, but movies like friday the 13th... *shivers a little before i nod at you* i think conjuring 2 will be fine
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Mmhmm I have a spare bedroom in my room so you can stay at the other side of the room *placing the chocolate bars on the counter, I reached and open the microwave once I heard a ding meaning the popcorn is cooked, pulling it out from the microwave, I shaked the popcorn in the bag staring at the steam coming out, inhales the smell of the popcorn complete satisfied* yep having popcorn and chocolate will be savoring... * Looks over at you and snickers when you admitted to your fear* does that mean you don't like Chucky? *Chuckles* how about we watch the conjuring 2?
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo roommates? *starts to question you about what you mean when you say sleep with you, but decides you must mean to share a room* sure, that sounds alright *watching you get the popcorn ready, i jump off the counter, looking through the cupboards will i find a large bowl to pour it into when it's ready* i like salty snacks, but sweet is good too *nods when you mention the type of horror films you like* ghost stories are good too, but yeah, i can do without the slasher movies *laughs softly* even at my age, they give me nightmares
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Since your going to settle and stay here, perhaps your can sleep with me and we can become roommate *hums and steps inside the closest, extends my hand over and grabs a packet of popcorn, ripping it out from its plastic, opens the microwave I started to cook the popcorn and goes back inside the closet to grab a couple of more snacks we can eat* kinda craving for some sweet so I guess our snack will be salty yet sweet. It will be a great combination* turns my head and face you, sends you a smile* mmhmm I like horror movies. Basically I like those spooky ones like the conjuring or those creepy dolls. I don't like those gore type of horror movies. *Shakes my head and shivers at the thought about those bloody movies, clears my throat and makes my way over to you*
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo i'll settle for staying here for now *kicking off my shoes, i follow you into the kitchen, hopping up on the counter, watching you putter around the room* mmm, i like popcorn, but if you want something sweet, go for it *kicking my feet, i nod* i'm not too picky when it comes to movies *tilts my head* do you like horror movies? i can watch them as long as they don't get really, really bloody
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
@park hyungsik Hmm you never knew? Well then consider this place a home sweet home hyung * gets basically tugged into the dorm* that is true. You are one of the vocalist in a good-looking group ze:a haha I guess you can have two places to live in *walks inside the dorm, taking off my shoes I head straight to the kitchen* I think so.... Hopefully *mutters and goes straight to the kitchen closet checking out what to eat*
Shall we make some popcorn? Or maybe shall we eat sweets? Heh by the way what kind of movie are you interested in watching? Horror?
park hyungsik 1 week ago
@lee hyunwoo i didn't really even know this was here, and technically i'm an idol first, but i do act a lot, so i hope that counts *smiling, i tug you into the dorm, surveying the scene* do you think there's any food here? if we're going to watch a movie, a snack would be nice, don't you think?
lee hyunwoo 1 week ago
* enters the room* so this is where Im going to live in * scans the place before slumping down on the couch* where are my actor friends~!
nam joohyuk 1 week ago
plops on the floor
park seungjun [A] 2 weeks ago
v card


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