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home sweet home
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /looks back at you with a smirk and nods, and begins to move at a nice pace before grunting at the feeling of how tight you are even though I knew you were a /
Damn... You're so ing tight.
/lets out a strained groan and slaps your cheek again before maintaining a good pace, faster and faster both of my hands holding onto your waist/
kim minseok 4 months ago
@hong siyoung That's exactly what I wanted to hear.
/murmurs lowly holding your dark gaze as my fingers continue to graze your skin ever so softly
/there's this sweet tingling sensation that runs through me, with the every adorable noise you make, there is chuckle that tickles at my throat but is drowned by the soft s that continuously spill from my lips while you press your hips so hard and close down to mine, I can feel your harden against my own growing member and my body curves agaisnt yours, my head tilting back to / Siyoung /your name falls for my lips so effortlessly, it taste even sweet on my tongue and want to call it out again/
You're really cute when you make those noises you know that? /asks softly in my raspy voice while tilting my head to the side a bit, and watches you with both amusement and hunger, my eyes continue to hold that dark glint in them, as you strip and make a show of it, even gives a low whistle in appreciation as you bend and stretch so perfectly and I let out a soft mewl once you're on top of me again and tongue on my lips, grins and nods/ Mm, my turn. But first- /says and holds your body for a moment before I flip us over and your lay under me, but I'm straddling your hips and I look down at you with a sharp smirk/
It's a little easier this way. /says as I pop the buttons off my shirt with one pull, and let it fall off my shoulders, revealing warm tan toned skin and muscle, and I begin to play with the button of my jeans with ease I rock my hips down on yours nice and slow, biting my lip to hold back just for the moment, but my fingers undo the zipper and I can't help but let out a breath of relief once my semi hard is out and I just kick my pants off in seconds and then lean back down, and run my hands down your stomach, my fingers tips graze your hips/
Now, I think we should take advantage of this position. Or at least I'm going to unless you have so objection? /asks and I'm now fully seated on your , and I grind my down on your bare member, I throw my head back let a loud / , /grips your hips tight before looking back at you and smiling/
I want to ride you so ing hard Siyoung. but I want you to do something else first /leans down a bit and lowers my body so it curves like a cat and my face hovers above your , and my is up in the air, my lips brush against the head of your as speak and look right into your eyes/
my mouth.
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim minseok Oh no, I believe we're more than capable.
I think I'll be able to handle you just fine, handsome.
*shivers under your soft touches against my sides, my ever darkening eyes following yours as the smirk stays plastered against my lips*
*I soon find myself addicted to your touch almost as much as I'm addicted to the sweet yet tangy taste of your lips, a higher pitched noise breaking from my lips when your fingers tangle in my dark locks, then realizing you're becoming as wrecked as myself when I hear you become breathless, taking the opportunity to further that loss of breath by pressing my hips as close as I possibly can to yours, fighting through the slower movements that you've started as I try to keep my own impatience at bay, my half-swollen in my jeans, already pressing against the zipper and making me dizzy*
*lowly hums from the gentle nips against my pale neck, returning your kisses eagerly because I simply can't get enough of them, slowly parting my lips when I feel your pink muscle, only to feel your teeth wrap around my lower lip, eliciting a series of soft s to leave my lips, rocking my hips against yours and attempting to catch my breath once you released my lip, failing to do so moments later and instead gripping your hips again once I've removed my shirt*
*the dizziness from before comes back five-fold while I'm trying to remove your shirt, the friction being almost too much and yet not completely enough as I roll back against you, a cry of surprise and pleasure breaking out when you grip my hair once again, making my eyelashes flutter as I try to focus long enough to understand your words*
*bites down on my lower lip at the change in your voice along with the sight of your swollen lips and darkening orbs, a barely audible whimper leaving me*
*removes the rest of my clothing at a relatively quick speed, making sure to make a show of it as I do it by bending over more than probably necessary and stretching a bit just to give you something to look at before I press my body against yours again, flicking my tongue against your bruised lips and whispering against them*
Your turn, gorgeous.
kim minseok 4 months ago
@hong siyoung Yes, I do. Do you think we aren't capable of it?
Cause if I'm too much trouble for you to handle...well that wouldn't be fun
/purrs softly and my hands begin to trace your sides while my eyes flicker from yours and then down, smirking/
I'd hope so.
/your touch is so hot against my skin I hiss and crave for it more, my fingers tangle themselves tightly in your locks and I just let out a soft laugh but it's so breathless, you making it rather hard to catch while you continue to roll your body against mine, and there's this delicious friction between our bodies as they meet again and again after each roll, my hips kiss you with urgency though I slow my movements, wanted to draw things out a bit and loves the sounds that fall from your lips, the make my throb in between my legs and press against my tight pants/
/holds onto you tightly, as you start to walk as back towards the bed, and just lean over to steal soft nips around your neck until you've set me down on the bed, and I just cradle your head in my arms while kissing you even harder and hotter than before, my lips and tongue now familiar with your taste and demand more of it, my tongue runs over lips again and I can't help myself when I take the tender flesh of your bottom lip in between my teeth and tug at it mercilessly, while pushing my hips and squeezing your waist, I release your bottom lip with a breathy /
/my hands find themselves pawing at your shirt restlessly, and finally I've got the hem, I start to tug at it and urge you to take it off, so I can touch you, my hands ache to feel your skin against my palms, I rock my hips up and roll them harder and harder the friction gets me dizzy but my body doesn't quit, my hand grasps the back of your hair and I give it a sharp tug to pull you away from my lips for just a moment/
Do me a favor, and strip. /whispers, my voice has gone raspy and I my swollen lips while looking up at you with darkening eyes/
hong siyoung 4 months ago
@kim minseok You think so?
*forms a playful smirk of my own on my lips, my heart pounding in my chest from anticipation*
Believe me, I'll make it worth it.
*quickly moves one of my hands slide up the back of your shirt, my other hand grabbing your other hip when I find myself even closer to you, the noises falling from your pretty lips almost making me dizzy, a deep groan falling from my own lips when the kiss becomes even more heated than before, making me wonder more of what is to come*
*slides the hand that's inside your shirt downwards, tracing the bumps and crevices along your spine and exploring with a combination of soft touches and quick drags of my fingernails against your skin, the one holding your hip helping to hold up your leg, my other hand soon joining it as I lift up your other leg and wrap it around my waist to join the other without breaking the kiss, the taste of your lips almost too addictive to remove myself from as I feel my lips begin to bruise slightly, then finding myself liking the feeling*
*begins to roll my body back against yours to increase the level of friction, breathy noises leaving my lips and entering yours until the kiss ends, taking in a few deep breaths as I continue to movement of my hips, my eyes fluttering open to meet yours as I give you a smile before my own lips, patiently listening when you whisper*
As much I'd love /to/ you against the door, I believe the bed would probably be more comfortable for the both of us. Not to mention that I wouldn't get to have as much fun either.
*braces my hands under your thighs and carefully pulls away from the door with you wrapped around me, navigating through my apartment through muscle memory until we reach my bedroom, then gently setting you down on my bed and bringing you back to crush your lips against my own*
kim minseok 4 months ago
@hong siyoung We'll give a new meaning to "partners in crime"
/murmurs softly, my lips curved into an almost feline-like grin as excitement pumps through me/
I might. It depends on all of you. You have to make it worth it to beg.
/an exhilarated groan falls from my lips and against yours after you've got me pinned me to the door, I just can't help myself when I hold you so much closer to my body, mewls as you nip at my lower lip and I run my tongue over your lip, and then pull you impossibly closer for a hard and hot kiss, the way your lips feel on mine lights me up/
/wraps my leg around your waist and holds you tight to me, while I kiss you and begin to roll my body against yours, not bothering to hold back, I just kiss you harder and longer before it feels like my lungs are going to give out, and I tilts my head back, and try to catch my breath, my eyes find yours while my bruised parted lips let out a soft breath, and chuckle follows, and I keep moving my body on yours, slow and hard before looking back at you and my lips/ Are we going to start here and make I way to the bed. /whispers softly while leaning in close/ While I love getting ed against the door. It leaves me so little room to have my own fun.
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /small little whimpers are heard as my hole clenches and unclenches around you attempting to get used to your girth in me,turns my head looking back at you with rosy cheeks/
Move please~
/i felt your large palms dig into my skin and new my skin was gonna have a bruise later
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /chuckles deeply as deep as how my was perfectly buried in your hole making me groan loudly at how tight you're man is/
Mmm... you like that don't you baby boy? Do you want me to move? Or keep still hmm?
/digs the palm of my hands through your skin and kneads each cheek good and mesmerized by how tiny yet y it was/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /a soft whimper leaves my swollen lips feeling your wet saliva on my puckering hole squeaks softly at the pout but before i could complain a loud piercing scream erupts from my throat as you enter me in one go, the pain shooting up my spine and through my throbbing hole that was bleeding /
/grips the sheets in tight balled fists
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /watches you with hunger as you climbed on the bed and your sticking out like a good boy and leans down to spit a whole wad of saliva on your entrance coating the rim and bites you cheek/
/s lowly before taking out my and slapping it on your cheek and inserts it in one go, not letting you get used to it so that you can feel the pain/
/grunts loudly and feels something trickling and it's your blood/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /blinks my eyes as I'm lifted and stands looking up at you, squeaks softly at the smack on my surely bruised before nodding my head/
Mhm make it bleed
/quickly sheds the rest of my clothing before scrambling onto the bed on my hands and knees,rests my chest and face against the matress while my legs were spread wide with my in the air waiting patiently like the good little boy i was
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /looks at you for a moment and chuckles softly, picking you up and hums for a moment/
Then go lie down on the bed, baby boy.
/raises an eyebrow at your blush before slapping your again/
Mmm... I want that to bleed so badly. Don't you think so Minpha? Do you want it to bleed?
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo / my lips still tasting your on my lips and blushes softly,looks down at my legging clad thighs and picks at the small holes suddenly shy/
/looks up at you blushing brightly/
P-please me
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /groans loudly each time I was and when I finished, I felt you pull away making me gasp for air as well for the intensity was too great/
/breathes heavily and looks down at you watching how red your lips were and you were in tears, loving how a total submissive you looked/
Mmm... Please what? Good boy you swallowed all of it
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /my already wide eyes widens even more if possible feeling your hands in the back of my head as you my mouth destroying my throat as you did so,tears brimmed my eyes and spilled feeling your stuffed down my throat as yoj shoot your thick ropes of into my once untainted mouth causing my to gag uncontrollably/
/manages to pull awag from your and gasps for precious air before looking up at you with puffy teary eyes and swollen red lips/
/manages to rasp out
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha Mmm... come on baby. God you're so ing y.
/whispers lowly each word with a grunt as you took more and more of me saliva is spilling like crazy from your mouth/
/watches you touch yourself with my eyes slightly squinting and grunts, moving my hands to the back of your head and decides that I cannot wait any longer and goes faster and faster ing your mouth/
/sputters out while veins are popping some on my muscles/
!! Drink it all!!
/roars loudly and pushes your head deep and managed to fit everything in your mouth stretching your jaws and explodes immediately down your throats nit caring if you choked or thew up/
Don't let anything spill
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /s softly around you as you smack my over and over again making the pale flesh a angry red,wiggles my slightly as i you the best way i could and lets the saliva drip down my chin as i bob my head you like my life depended on it/
/my hands leave your balls to travel down my petite body to my that was now hard underneath my leggings and under wear,begins groping myself through the materials
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha Mmm!! yeah...
/breathes heavily as I scrunched my face in a pained and strained expression while you took in most of my and dug your nails through my balls, making me obviously lose my mind/
Yeah baby... You do like it rough hmm?
/slaps your again and again till it's rough/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /pulls back from and on your balls to stare up at you wide eyed nodding my head slightly/
Mhm I'm a
/ your faster and lets my little tongue peek out flicking at your tip for a while wanting to tease you just abit before taking as much as i could fit in my throat,my hands reach down to fondle your balls lightly dragging my nails across them/
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /feels your hands patting my thighs, which of course I didn't want to destroy your mouth just yet and took it slow/
/watches you pull out after that incredible cute sensation and chuckles at your daring next move/
Ah... Baby boy, are you sure you have not done this with others hmm?
/reaches behind you and slaps your lightly but leaving a handprint already/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /whimpers softly feeling your begin to move in my throat as you ,my small soft hands gently pat your thighs almost as if telling you to don't do that just yet/
/pulls off of your with a thin line of saliva connecting my lips to it and looks up at you with list filled wide eyes,leans forward and bending my head slightly to at your balls and on them gently while my hand your wet saliva coated
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /looks down at you biting my bottom lip at this sight, making me want to you already but knowing that I can't and I have yet to please you/
/smirks while watching you but found slightly displeasement at how you kept on playing, but finally my inner beast was unleashed when you pushed in the first half, loving how you neck creates a lump on how much you've taken of me/
Mmm... Baby boy...
/whispers lowly as I entangled my fingers through your hair and begins to slowly move/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /looks up at your almost scared that it wouldn't fit in my mouth if i did take it in instead of giving it kitten ,though your encouraging words and hands in my hair ease me into taking your thick tip into my rather small mouth and softly on it letting my tongue swirl around your slit for a bit before finally taking only the first half of you in my mouth scared to take anymore/
/my hands reach up to wrap themselves around you stroking the heated flesh slowly
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /watches your pure child like eyes that seemed to continue to draw me in since the beginning when we first met and takes a small biting gesture on my bottom lip at how y and able you looked down on your knees and in submissive form/
Minpha baby...
/I begin to groan as I took my hands to your hair and began to tangle my fingers through your long hair, loving how messy it will look when I'm done with you, your whole body covered in sweat and that tiny seeping with a river of /
/thinking about it has gotten me incredibly hard that I felt as if my grew a few more inches and looked down to find you my thick red head/
Come on baby. Push it inside of your mouth. All of it.
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /squeaks again softly liking the feeling of your hand on my squeezing the soft flesh in your lage hands,tilts my head head to the side my mouth opening in a silently gasp letting you mark my originally untainted skin/
/like the good boy i am i automatically get on my knees staring up at you with doe eyes before looking down at your ed pants and did nothing more,s softly as i desperately pull your pants down along with your underwear gasping as i see your length/
/i gulp visibly my eues darting to you as if asking would it even fit in my mouth or ,takes a deep breath taking your in my hand and slowly stroking it while my tongue gave your tip kitten
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /chuckles at your apologizing before humming once again, squeezing your loving how my hands fit perfectly before nibbling on your neck to leave some marks, the purple and red marks that were starting to show/
Then get down to your knees baby boy.
/settles you down and opens my button of my jeans but leaves it at that and eyes you with hunger/
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /squeaks softly as you squeeze and slap my was pretty sure there would be red mark on my soon,looks up at you with red cheeks and wide pleading eyes/
I-i'm sorry daddy Minpha will be a good boy from now on i promise
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /groans louder as you grind on the standing monster underneath my jeans, loving how your cute is on top of it and knowing that I will shove it all in there later/
Then beg for it, Minpha baby boy. I don't think you should deserve this hmm?
/reaches my hands to your cute and squeezes both cheeks harshly before slapping them/
You teased me back there and playing hard to get and lying about being jealous. You've been a very bad boy.
minpha 4 months ago
@kim youngwoo /s out softly and bucks my hips into yours wanting to feel more of the thick i felt underneath the layers that separated me from it/
Your big~ i want it now~
/whimpers out in a disparate little voice as i soon begin grinding against you disparate for it
kim youngwoo 4 months ago
@minpha /smirks back as you began to make your first moves of gently my earlobe and your small kisses on my neck and jawline, that it made me groan softly as you the veins that popped out of my neck due to the tension of my muscles/
Yes but that was ing hot.
/whispers lowly and begins to hump your gently, letting you feel how big I am/
Tell me baby boy. Do you feel it? How big your daddy is?


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Thank you for the stay
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