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lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /with your hot breath hitting the shell of my ear, I shiver lightly, a small whine sounds from the back of my throat and nods a bit, my fingers curling around the bedsheet underneath me
A-Alright then.. I'll try my best not to get scared..
/mutters softly and nods again, taking deep breaths to calm myself down since I'm starting to get nervous
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon *purring lowly at the way your back arched up towards me, I leaned over, trailing soft kisses up your the milky white expanse of your back, following the trail of your spine until I reached your shoulder where I tilted my head up to press a kiss against the edge of your jaw, my voice dropping an octave as I whispered in your ear*
Oh sweetheart, the point of using these isn't to be merciful--
*hums lowly within my throat, pressing a kiss against the lobe of your ear*
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /pouts lightly and hums, biting back a groan as you knead my , making me arch back up against you, only to find out that the things in the bag are toys
I-I don't think I'll know about anything much inside, hyung.. So there's no point looking.
/mutters softly, slowly growing hard just from the thought as I nuzzle into the pillow, humming softly
But you can pick, I trust you, so I'm not that worried. I'm sure you won't scare me off too much. It's my first time doing this..
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon But I did say the word 'up' did I not?
*questions lowly, moving to climb onto the bed behind you, settling on my knees as my hands reached out to the round flesh, my fingers giving it a firm squeeze; hearing your question, I chuckled, a faint smirk curling up at the corner if my lips*
Just a few things to make you feel good-
*mutters softly, my head dipping to the side*
Would you like to take a look? I might even let you pick something out to get started.
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /noticing your footsteps growing closer, I shift nervously in my position only to gasp out at the suddenly slap, making a soft whimper escape me before I shift to raise my up for you, just like you wanted as I clutch onto the bedsheet underneath me
Y-You never said how..
/mutters softly with a pout, hearing the drop of the bag and I tilt my head to the side, looking at the bag
What's that?...
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon *grabbing a small black bag that was set at the bottom of the closet, I close the door, turning my body before I made my way over to the bed, a low hum leaving my throat. Seeing your position, I scowl a bit and bring my hand back before instantly swinging it forward, giving your a harsh slap before I gripped onto the flesh tightly*
I said up--
*growls out, dropping the bag onto the corner of the bed*
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /nods slowly and gulps, making my way to the bed and climbs onto it, my eyes scanning your room as I bite my lower lip
/lays on the bed facing down and I shift a bit, wondering if you wanted me to be on all fours or just laying down but decides it might be less embarrassing for me to just lay down so I stay where I am
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon Mmm..no promises.
*mutters softly and watches as you strip down, my eyes flickering over your petite body, a low hum leaving my throat; when you finish, I pull myself away from the wall and begin to make my way towards the closet, speaking loud enough for you to here*
On the bed, up-
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /turns bright red and sighs, nodding slowly
A-Alright.. Go easy on me ok?
/turns around so my back is facing you before I finally strip, taking my top off then goes to unbuckle my pants
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon Mhm~ Everything.
*mutters softly, a gentle smirk tugging at the ends of my lips*
I wanna see that pretty little of yours.
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /opens my mouth to say something but immediately shuts up when I hear your word
/nods slowly and gulps before taking my jacket off slowly and putting it on the chair nearby
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon Yes. Here.
*says firmly*
Strip. Or I'll make it worse for you.
lee jihoon 5 days ago
@lee minhyuk /turns to look at you, blinking rapidly as I shift around nervously
N-Now?.. Here?..
lee minhyuk 5 days ago
@lee jihoon *crosses my arms, leaning back against the wall, a low hum leaving my throat*
lee jihoon 5 days ago
/bites my lower lip and glance around, blinking
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /my nose wrinkles from your words as I finish washing everything, putting them aside and waddles with you still hugging me to the stove, setting the wok down and turning the stove on, listening to you speak
I may be the more.. Feminine one in the relationship but that doesn't mean I can't be your husband. You don't call me as your girlfriend. So why would you call me as your wife?
/turns to look at you, chuckling a bit before putting the washed rice and water into the rice cooker, humming softly
Let's wait for that to finish cooking and we'll continue everything else afterwards..
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *flickering my eyes down to glance at you when you directed your attention back at me, I can't help but release an airy laugh, leaning down to press a light peck upon your lips, despite your attempted angry expression*
That's just another way to say 'little'.
*hums out softly, a wide grin on my lips*
I mean-- you can't be the husband, you're the feminine one in this relationship.
*lets out a small snort, shaking my head a bit before I rested my chin upon the top of your head yet again, the silence taking over once more, but only for a few seconds before I spoke*
Have you ever thought about that..?
*I whisper softly, my eyes fixed on no particular spot*
A future together..?
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /the comforting silence drapes over us as I just focus on washing the ingredients and when you break the silence, announcing that I'm like your "little wife" I turn my head to narrow my eyes at you but I can't help and laugh as well
I'm not LITTLE. Like I said, I'm fun sized.. But wife? Did I say I wanted to be your wifey?
/another chuckle escapes my lips at my joke, nudging you a bit before I return my attention to everything in front of me, thinking about our future, maybe with kids, but definitely with our puppy and kitten that we have with us now
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *hums lowly and nods, watching as you made your way to the sink to begin washing the vegetables and meat before I quietly walked up behind you, my arms slipping around your waist gently as I pressed my chest against your back, my chin propping upon the top of your head; after a couple of minutes of silence, my eyes following your every mood, I release a low hum, muttering quietly, almost in a whisper*
It's like you're my little wife..
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /shakes my head and chuckles
Nope.. Just let me try to figure out how this thing exactly works..
/mutters and grabs everything to wash them
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *listening to you list off the items, I nod and moves to begin gathering all the things you need, setting them down on the counter closest to the sink before I glanced back over to you*
Anything else?
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /hums softly and thinks for a bit before listing a few things like egg, rice, chicken, vegetables and etc
I'll heat everything up..
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *gently tugs you into the kitchen once we reach it, a low hum leaving my throat before I glanced down at you*
What do you need?
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /chuckles quietly at how forgetful you were and nods, letting you drag me to the kitchen, humming happily
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon Oh right-- the kitchen-
*smiles a bit sheepishly, forgetting that you haven't been around the whole dorm yet; reaching for your hand, I gingerly lace our fingers together before tugging you towards the kitchen*
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /nods slowly and chuckles, turning around before I blink
Where's the kitchen?
/stares up at you, confused
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *leans down, press a light kiss to your faintly pink lips before I grinned, nodding at your suggestion*
Could you please?
*murmurs softly*
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk /turns my head to look at you, chuckling and nods
Ok.. Chicken fried rice?
lee minhyuk 1 week ago
@lee jihoon *once I'm standing, I wrap my arms back around your waist and tug you towards my taller form once more, still wanting to be close to you as I spoke*
Hmm..fried rice. I'm in the mood for that~
lee jihoon 1 week ago
@lee minhyuk WHINE WHINE**


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purifiedelixir 16 hours ago
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Thank you, but I think ill be dipping for now.
Wish all the best for this place tho
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luciel--707-- 6 days ago
Sorry for the very short stay, people here are very nice and im thankful cuz u guys accepted me here.. it's just that it's honestly hard to talk to people when they only want to notice those who they like?? but yeah thank you anyways \o
BabySquishMuffins 6 days ago
-Minhyuk ♡
MiaTasha2 1 week ago
Shin Jiho is leaving. Thank you for the great roleplay.
pandabeardance 1 week ago
Min Yoongi is leaving. I am not active here, sadly.
Thank you admin's for this great roleplay, where I have made some great friendships. I hope this place continues to grow and more people are able to join this family.
Thank you for having me here!
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