⌂ block b dorm

Block B
Block B
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home sweet home
lee taeil 2 months ago
oh snap we got us a dorm m8
//sleeps on three beds
hong siyoung 2 months ago
*deflects the pillow with my arm*
hong siyoung 2 months ago
*sprawls out on it so I'm covering it*
hong siyoung 2 months ago
*runs in here and sleeps on Jiho's bed*
park seungjun [A] 2 months ago
v card


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AngelMegMaslow 1 week ago
Can you please reserve TOPPDOGG's Hansol for me? ^^
kkamjongie- 1 month ago
Sorry but Jongsuk will be leaving.
epsilon 1 month ago
ksoo has left
Thank you for the stay
Not-My-Style 1 month ago
hey there Hyunwoo will be leaving. had fun till it last:)
blueashes 1 month ago
Hello admin, please let Taemin be on hiatus until 10th?
-Mino- 1 month ago
I am sorry but top is out nothing really going on and such good luck guys ..
vkookslittle 1 month ago
Minki will be leaving, It was nice here but I will be deactivating this account for personal reasons.
cowchop 1 month ago
s. minho is out
omgeeKpop 1 month ago
I'm sorry but Hyungwon will be leaving. I enjoyed my time here
cynphael 1 month ago
yoongs dipped
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