Hello hello, the masterlist has been cleared. There were a lot of people who were active in that time period but didn't comment. I even gave a nice four extra days to comment and tell us you were staying. For those that did, thank you for staying with us, it means a whole bunch. However, just because you comment 'blablah is saying' doesn't give you a free pass to stay and not be active anymore. Upon this revamp some rooms will be cleared and redecorated, all that good stuff. But there's something else.... I've decided to start an activity check every so often where I strip you of all your points and make you EARN new ones. It'll last for a week and in that week you have to earn 200 or maybe 100 just by being active in rooms. No you cannot spam, I'll turn the points off in the comment room. Remember that we want to become a more lively roleplay again. Thank you.


p.s. if your lover has been removed all you have to do and tell them to comment in the comment section that they'd like to have their character back.

This has been admin Jimin, bye. 


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vanderlinde 3 years ago
i honestly don't remember getting the announcement and i'm extremely sorry. baekhyun wanted to stay because of younghyun and i feel horrible for just getting booted. i'd really love baek back, please.
mystic- 3 years ago
I was sick during the time that this was happening, can i have Sehun back please?
Jinhyuk01 3 years ago
Sorry for not being active that much. I've been back in my hometown and the signal is though I try to as active and post something everyday. -sunggyu & jongup
AsianJunkie16 3 years ago
Sorry for not checking in, but can I please have Hansol back?
LocKeytten 3 years ago
Wonsik and Jaebum are staying. Sorry I'm late...I didn't read the announcement.
FireRamen 3 years ago
I'd to have my chara back ;; didnt know there was an announcement :(
- doyoung
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