《 Important - Please read 》



This might be a little petty but I don't like when the main admin is down


Admin Minhyuk here

And I just wanna say that I love this place very much. This place is my home. 

However; if anyone, and I mean a n y o n e, blames Woohyun for any of the that's happened here when everything blew up into flames can kindly exit. I will hold the door open for you. 

I don't like when people get wrongly blamed for things that weren't their fault. 

Since Woohyun has become main admin, he has tried his best to make this place alive and active. He is the sweetest, most caring, loving, adoring person here. And if anyone feels they dislike how he runs things-- *opens door* Get. 


Thanks ♡ 


I love you, Woohyun.


You're amazing. Please always remember that.


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Jinhyuk01 2 years ago
Who hurt uri woohyunnie?
Fight with me.
-sunggyu and jongup

*hugs woohyunnie*
grayfox 2 years ago
ouo I mustve missed something
WangXianXian 2 years ago
I should be apologizing for not being here enough. T-T but I love it here. I made so many new friends here and though it's slow I wouldn't ever blame anyone. Everyone has they're own lives outside of rpr so whoever is being a meanie should definitely stop. I love you all~♡♡♡
Aiwaguru 2 years ago
I have no idea what you're talking about, but I'm happy here~ and I love Woohyun~
Myfanwy 2 years ago
I'm not sure what happened, but I've always liked Woohyun, he's so nice and sweet.
luciddreams 2 years ago
Thank you, Minhyuk. This really, really means a lot to me. I love you, too <33
Sugarly 2 years ago
I will
Papito 2 years ago
whomever hurt Woohyun, you a .

-- sincerely, Bobae
chaoticttalgi 2 years ago
What tf happened?
I don't know Woo yet but he looks sweet.
Can I help in anyway to boost his spirits?
dubulge 2 years ago
RTTTTTT !!!!!!
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