Some Changes to Kemi


hello friends, hakyeon here.
if you havent noticed, some changed have taken place. im not sure what to really say, but im going to try.
it's been a long run with kemi being a popping, happy, great rp. it's been a year and a half, actually. and through this time, we've built this place up. gong yoo and i (though at the time he wasnt gong yoo, and i wasnt hakyeon) made this place to enjoy ourselves, to have some fun times. we didn't expect the rp to flourish like it has. there's a handful of people who've been here since the first few months - eunwoo, jisoo, mj, sanha, moonbin (wow ok all of astro), jangjun (though faces have changed), and of course gong yoo + co. to all those people - thank you, really, for being here since the beginning. you've seen this roleplay grow, and go through rough times. i cant thank you enough, really, for everything.
anyways, for the news.
no, kemi isnt closing. it's not getting delted, or privated - none of that. but what is happening is i guess it's going to  be a like... retirement home, lol. everyone here is busy, to sme extent. whether its with other rps, or irl stuff, or even just handling emotions - everyone's busy, myself included. i dont have the time and aenergy to put my 500% into this place and sometimes only get 25% back. jinwoo and woohyun have stepped down from adminning positions due to their own business, and jisoo is kind enough to stay and help me out. but it's stressful, whenever i look at this rp. so instead of closing the rp down, im just going to, essentially make it a slow, at your own pace, kind of rp.
- inactivity is now set to 21 days (3 weeks). if you go inactive after that, you will be removed without warning. 3 weeks is a long time.
- hiatuses are how they are stated in the hiatus room. if you need torefresh your brian, go there, or look on the pmain page of the roleplay.
- there will not be any more events, unless there's a real big popular demand for one at any point or something like that.
- updates will come, but slowly. please be patient with us admins, as much as you can, at least.

im sorry to anyone i may have let down. i know i havent been the best admin, but i tried. i love you guys, i love you all so very much for making this place home. thank you for everything, and i'll see you around, yeah? if you ever want to hit me up, feel free! hakyeon is ready to cuddle, to talk, etc. stay cute, little ducklings.

please comment below once you've read this. maybe - just only if you want to - leave some nice comments below? admin nim isnt feeling good, and having to do this today definitely didnt help.


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brosoverhoes 3 months ago
you were doing great bobae read this
pink-yoshi22 4 months ago
Joohyuk and jaehwan read this
pink-yoshi22 4 months ago
Jb read this
Kim4Shim 4 months ago
jaejoong read this.

I'm thankful that your keeping the rp.
vespertine 4 months ago
felix read this
Wintertwilights 4 months ago
Mingyu has read this

Bby you’ve done an amazing job and I cannot emphasise more than I already have. Give yourself some credit. I’ve so much memories here. And it couldn’t have happened if not for you and the rest uwu. I love you
FireRamen 4 months ago
Jungwoo read this!
chensxdick 4 months ago
dongwoo has read this
yaemeus 4 months ago
jr read this!!

also thank you so much for all you do! and you don't have to be sorry to anyone! you're an amazing admin and you've done great things without much appreciation. anyone who feels "let down" is ridiculous and doesn't deserve to say anything!
--notmystyle 4 months ago
guanlin has read this
nemesis_ 4 months ago
Moonbin and Jeno read this.
Don't be sorryyy you've done a really good job as an admin, and you've done what you could to make this place home. Tbh I know I'm not as active as I was at the beginning and I feel really bad for that, but I've never had the heart to give up my place and leave the one rp that I really loved going to at anytime of the day. I've met lots of friends here and have made beautiful memories, and they will forever be in my heart. Those wouldn't have happened at all if it wasn't for you, so cheer up okie? ❤️u
bangmrsxia 4 months ago
[ Changmin, Itthipat, Simon and Kikwang ]
jinmatsumoto 4 months ago
seongwoo and yongguk read this~

i like having this place to come back to
nikaunni 4 months ago
Jiho read this~
fanxy_child 4 months ago
minsik read it
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