MFS // MUST READ AND COMMENT!! // Revamping and Rules Update!


Hello everyone at Married at First Sight! As this is a growing community with many rpers and even more characters, we are going to be making some changes to the system to have a more streamlined way for the admins to run the rp and for the rpers to enjoy the rp. Please read this announcement in it's entirety as it's going to include some changes to the rules and how this rp is going to work from here on out.

First of all, you now have a new main admin. Cheese/Hakyeon will be the main admin from now on with PinkiePie/Jia having changed her position to co-admin.

So for now, these are the new rules.

  1. We are now going to be allowing for fans of the show and cast members of the show. This means that you may have characters participate in the show, and you may also have characters simply be a fan of the show.
    • All rpers on here have to have at least one character participating in the show. This should be your first/primary character, but as I don't know who that is for most people, I'm going to leave the decision up to everyone currently on the rp. For everyone new to the rp, the character they join with will be automatically cast to the show.
    • You may not have more than two characters on the show. Once you have two characters on the show, all other characters must be fans of the show.
  2. Whether you are a candidate on the show or a fan, you will have a dating ban when joining the rp for the first time or as a new character.
    • For candidates on the show, this means that you cannot date until you have been paired and at the end of the season for your pairing.
      • If you get paired with a partner who leaves in the middle of a season or does not participate with you, then that does count for you getting paired for the season. At the end of the season, you will be allowed to date as long as you attempted to work with your partner.
      • If your pair does not work out, you will have the chance to decide to be paired again in another season.
    • For fans, you will have a one week dating ban when joining the rp.
    • You can date whoever you want as long as you both have lifted your dating ban.
  3. You may not request for more characters while you have a character on hiatus or semi-hiauts. You must request for you hiatus to be lifted before you request new characters.
    • That being said, you also will not be paired while your characters are on hiatus or semi-hiatus. We want to pair people that are hopefully likely to participate together because it's not fair for someone to be paired with a partner who doesn't participate.
  4. You get one free character change. Once you have used your free character change, you must have 50 points with the character that you are wanting to change before you can change them again.
    • That being said, you may not leave a character and then request another immediately after. If you leave a character, you have to wait 1 week before getting a new character.

I'm sorry to ask for more detail than simply the fact that you have read this in the comments, but I need to get things sorted with the shift of the admin. So, please comment below with the following information:

  • The name of all of your characters.
  • Which characters you want to be paired in a future season (maximum of two).
  • If you have already been paired and were successful, you are not required to participate in future seasons.
  • If you have already paired, but your relationship was unsuccessful for any reason, please let me know if you want to be repaired. Keep in mind this will reinforce your dating ban.

All rpers must comment on this announcement. I will give everyone a week to read and comment.


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shoshin 2 months ago
Nana has been paired for S2 and does not wish to be paired again.
Jaehyun has been paired for S2 and is in a successful pair.
Seungcheol would like to be paired.
Jooyoung will be a fan.
moriarty 2 months ago
Ji Changwook has read this, he'll be a fan of the show.
Yongguk is part of Season 5 already.
Heejung would like to be paired.
Saoirse will be a fan.
Minun- 2 months ago
Jungkookie has read this!
You can pair me again lol
clever 2 months ago
Jimin has read this! Haven't been paired yet uwu
AlexCross 2 months ago
Sen Mitsuji read this. Currently paired S5
The-Scientist 2 months ago
Dennis has read this. Only character.
Hasn't been paired. Doesn't mind being paired in the future.
babyqueen 2 months ago
Chungha has read this
She hasn’t been paired and would like to be paired in a future season
hojicha 2 months ago
jeongyeon has read this and is my only character. she hasn't been paired and wishes to be in the future.
aspera 2 months ago
jessica oh has read this announcement. she is currently paired in season five.
fuubutsushi 2 months ago
Ryusei has read this and is my only character.
Hasn't been paired yet and would like to be paired in the future.
Everme29 2 months ago
Momo has read this, already been paired in a successful pairing since season 1.
yexian 2 months ago
Byulyi, Sakura and Hyungsik have read this

Byulyi (primary) was paired in season 2 but decided to divorce by the end of the season. Her dating ban is lifted and she does not wish to be paired again.

Both Sakura (secondary) and Hyungsik have never been paired before and would like to be paired for upcoming seasons
nezukochan 2 months ago
emily and sohyun has read this.

emily was unsuccessful the previous season and wished to be paired in next season.

sohyun has been paired but was nulled due to some unforeseen circumstances. also wishes to be paired in next or the season after.
icebeerg_ 2 months ago
Dongwoon has read this
Already paired and successful.
mamita 2 months ago
jennie has read this

jennie hasn't been paired and would like to be paired
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