*^* KKT EXO BUT MAINLY CHANBAEK (and highkey possibly others) PM RP *^*

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hello!! Tis me, with a desperate call for some (semi)literate kkt rp, 3rd pov. Excuse the ugly mobile formatting — I’m craving some good ol’ chanbaek or some other exo ships including:

— sekai

— lubaek

— hunho

— sebaek

-- chanhun

— aND others, don’t be afraid to enquire 


I do have a few plots in mind containing heavy heavy angst and drama, but I’m willing to do anything at the point due to the fact that I’ve been suffering the Great Exo Depression for a while now, and my partners keep flaking ;-; some AUs I would love to do are historic, space!AU, gangs/cops, affairs, and much much mUCH much more. You name it, I got it. Drop your kkt ID below or find me @sparkyuling !! 


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dyokkomi 5 months ago
not sure if anyone's still following this but i'm down for a chanbaek kkt rp anytime! add me @heidikim98 ^^
Channie 9 months ago
Clutches heart
konggie 9 months ago
can I be the baek to your chanyeol :')
kkt: lavenderlaine12
chanyeolsyoniceskirt 9 months ago
I'm a er for ChanBaek, SeBaek, KaiBaek, KrisBaek so you may choose any of them. Just lemme be Baek (I'm already stuck with his bottom chara for almost 5 years so I can't move on ;-;) and I'll be happy <3 Do you use kik or line instead? I use kkt for work....
Taeyeon_0809 9 months ago
I messaged you on kkt ^^
Snakeu 9 months ago
I feel like for being unable to reply lately- /s w e a t s
notavailable 9 months ago
Let's do hunhoooooo (///▽///)
dyonut 9 months ago
B r ea th es sekai and chanhun ;;;;
taelightsavings 9 months ago
I would love to do chanbaek!!! I'm mostly used to being Baek, I love 3rd pic and I l o v e angsty stuff especially gang aus oooof
sparklygayassglitter 9 months ago
iM doWn foR sEbAeK tHiRd PoV.
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