To those I’m rping with.


sorry for not replying all the post and threads, after the holidays my schedule have been a little hectic, with taking the exams for work and all. Gimme a couple more days to get myself together and I’ll be back to replying like usual, have been a stressful week for me, hope you guys understand. 


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PaboEunMi 5 months ago
Lol.. adult life .. i know.. i have been saying the same thing to all my rp partners and fml.. i got even more busy..
Take your time.. life can be a real ..
konggie 5 months ago
Thats okay! Thanks for the update <3
Allthespacearoundus 5 months ago
Take your time no rush!! ♡♡
LadyofGalifrey 5 months ago
It’s understandable. Thanks for letting me know and please take care of yourself
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