2 Open Starters For Anyone Reading This Yet Again

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I wanna see how else this plot can go cause trying to use it for an original story isn't working. It's two versions. One is a version, the other is the straight version which is the one closest to what I'm writing currently. Yes this is to help me overcome my writer's block. In the version my character is Andy Biersack. In the straight version my character is Amber.


1. Andy knocks back another drink. He grimaced able to pick out the red liquid in his drink. Blood. God he hated that he need that . Why did he have to be an Immortal? Why did this stupid war have to happen? He knew why. The American President is an intolerant . The man hears that the three beings before him aren't human so he declares war? Who does that at a Peace Hearing? That man was the reason Andy was stuck in South Korea, the Immortal Motherland of sorts. While other places shunned Immortals South Korea welcomed them. Praised them. Immortals were elite citizens! Well...all but any born in America. American humans went to Blood Farms. Any with the potential to turn were sold as slaves or as they preferred, indentured servants. Andy was one such soul. A man at an entertainment label had bought him. Andy couldn't tell if the man worked as an idol/actor/model or if he worked behind the scenes. He hadn't bothered to learn Korean yet. The man who owned him knew English so why bother?

2. Amber swung the metal pipe. "I said get back!" Her form sloppy but she needed the grabby hands to get away from her. Lucky she had blood today or else she wouldn't have heard the man behind her. She ducks blurring her way to the other side of the alley. "I'm not some weak little human!" They didn't give up. Amber had to run. She couldn't fight both of them. She barely knocked the other to the ground. He'd gotten up easily. Being from America meant attacks like this were normal. People hated her just cause she was raised there. It didn't matter that she was Asian. A quick look around lifted her spirits. She was near her owner's club. Being from America meant that she was someone's property or she went to the Blood Farms. God she wished that being a vampire and Asian was enough to calm people but the symbol burnt into her neck labeled her as American. Even though the blemish was invisible to most unless you really looked. The thin white lines on her neck were enough for people to hate her.


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BlossomtimeRose 2 months ago
how dare you use my Andy
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