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I want something that is adventurous, fluff and romance mixed with other genres too. If you are interested you can pick anything you like I will keep the list open for as long as they are made into actual plots.  
Here we go...!  

#1 (This one can be ... But I'm not sure about including love in this plot though. I believe it would be better as cute fluff and innocent)  
Muse A is a mute but he is a good dancer who actually likes music a lot. He spends most of his time with his little puppy listening to music or dancing to music. One day his family has a business to do in a different city and they end up taking him along because it would be a long travel.  They still leave him alone but he doesn't  feel that lonely after hearing some loud music coming from a practice room far in the building.  There, there is muse B playing music like nothing else and it makes muse A excited that he just walked into the room quietly just to listen. But little puppy became noisy and gets the musician's attention to where muse A is standing.  What would be muse B's  reaction?  

This is not just the typical rich/poor love story nor it is the Crazy Rich Asians kind of love. In fact it is more like a true destiny.  Muse A moved with her brother to this new house in search for work for both of them and only a week after they settle down muse B moved to the building next door. Trying to be friendly muse A tries to help muse be to know the basics and the two explore together the rest of their new neighborhood.  What is each muse's past and how their story will develop. 

Muse A is a werewolf who had a very long lonely life until he finally found a pack that accepted him the way he is without asking about his past.  But why does he keep having this strange dream? In his dream he is calling someone. Who is she?  He can't  really recall her name or what exactly she looked like but he has this feeling that she is his destined mate and he should either look or wait for her to show up in his life.  
Muse B is, was a normal human being until her 18th birthday. All she can remember is that something hit her head hard and the next time she opened her eyes she was running on four in the forest. She kept on running, her body covered in bruises until she lost conscious. 
Muse A found her and once they were at home to treat her it struck him that she is the one he saw in his dreams. When muse B wakes up and finally recovers she just can't believe any of what muse A Tel's her about and she doesn't believe that she is his destined mate until both start suffering when she refuses being his mate.  
If the two are locked together in one room for a whole week would that make any difference?  Will muse B change her mind and try to open her heart to save their lives from being cursed? 

Muse A moved to a small place in the city in search for a job while finishing her university study. She didn't  have to buy new furniture as she only too her bed and few things from her family home in a small town nearby. Every night ever since she moved into that new house she could feel like someone is sharing her bed with her.  She thought it was just because she was alone in a new place but then strange things started to happen.  Sometimes she felt cold or suddenly too hot even when the fan was working just fine. Stranger more, she woke up sometimes missing parts of her clothes for example how could her bra slip down without her taking off her shirt first?  It doesn't make sense. Is it a ghost?  A spirit?  Or maybe a neighbor?  Muse B is your or choice...

In this new world, everyday there are new experiments made on humans as well as animals in order to purify and improve the human race.  Those experimented on are chosen carefully but how to experiment on a human without having them notice it?  Muse A is one of the chosen ones to be drugged with that new "medicine". How will muse B accomplish that mission without having muse A figuring out anything? What changes will happen to muse A? 

This one is for the love of Moon Lovers: Scarlett Heart and Hwarang. Seriously I love these kinds of stories. I just have the muse it be lost in a world of handsome Princes. 

I have more ideas in mind if you want to brainstorm together. 

- I don't do or purely mature plots so please if you only want to have with my character then just turn around and walk away because I don't want that. 
- all my plots are flexable to changeand I do accept polite criticism as long as you keep it for the plot not my oc  personality.  
- I'm not my character but I do love my characters and I want to give them nice stories not just drama. Please help me to do that.  

Thank you so much for taking the time to actually read this plog  and I'm looking forward to roleplaying  with all of you.


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