kkt/ line rp. looking for male doms.


hello there, as the title states, i'm looking for fellow roleplayers who are willing to roleplay as male idols.

one. i will only be roleplaying as female as i'm not too comfortable roleplaying as males. unless any kind soul would be able to come teach and guide me along.
two.please only dm me if you're ready to commit to the roleplay. it's sad when people just disappear half-way or don't even reply to starters after all the discussion done. it just shows how irresponsible you are. please, at least have the courtesy to inform if you want to stop. i understand we're all busy with our own lives. all i ask is just for a notice. please. let's respect each other.
three. gmt plus side. usually quick replies, unless sleeping or busy. but i promise to get back to you as soon as i can. doesn't matter what your timezone is since i've roleplayed with people from various timezones.
four. i usually write in third pov and am semi-lit. but it's okay even if you're not. i'll try to mirror your writing style. just please, no one-liners.
five. you have to be above eighteen and okay with  as i do prefer dirty roleplays. for kinks, limits and triggers, we can discuss them privately.
six. strictly kakao or line rp only. sorry!
seven. you can choose to bring your own plots for discussion or perhaps take a look at mine and see if any catches your fancy.
eight. i'm actually more friendly than i seem. just not a person who expresses well. but, i'm up for ooc talk and if you need a listening ear or anything really.
nine. hit me up in the dms with the below and i'll get back to you asap. i promise i won't bite.  ت

❄  age
❄  timezone
❄  your fc/muse
❄  preferred plot
❄  kinks, limits and triggers
❄  platform

our muses are open for discussion but here's a list if you're not too sure?
my muses: red velvet's bae joohyun and park sooyoung, twice's myoui mina, gfriend's hwang eunbi and kim sojung
wishlist: wu yifan, exo's oh sehun, do kyungsoo or kim jongin, christian yu, monsta x's chae hyungwon or sohn hyunwoo and kard's big matthew

for more info: http://minari.strikingly.com/


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