Nocte Animam << reopened and active >>




 ✧ if you just want to rp a nice perfect person and actually just want a boyfriend as soon as possible… don’t join

 ✧ no need to rp a devil either, just no goody two-shoes


 ✧ au roleplay, fantasy, supernatural (races: human, vampire, werewolf)

 ✧ be part of an organisation, make one or do your own thing


 ✧ plenty of people who want to write in 3rd and make interesting plots with you, but detailed 1st pot is also welcome

 ✧ we have an IC room but role-play mostly outside of it (go away if ur only gonna occupy the IC chat hmph)

 ✧ do you want to regain the joy of writing interesting plots, instead of just machine-gun 1st pov in the IC room? —> JOIN US!!!

✧ only


P.S.: Yuuma is looking for more people to plot with.


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