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hey hey everyone ^^
I have been gone for almost two months, hope some of you guys missed me :P

so what happened was this, suddenly I lost my wifi connection, I call the internet company and they tell me, they will fix it within the hour and it won't take more than a day or two before my connection will be back and working. That hour, become two months because they discovered that all the cables had been cut and damaged because of the rain? (that was their explanation) So they had to change all the cables on so on. So it did take that long.

Finally my connection is back and I'm back here, looking forward to doing some rping..

So if interested hit me up :D

I can do private rp, pm rp, and also normal rps, though you have to recommend some for me..
Since I'm using my phone for this blog, I'm doing it quickly and being lazy, but to check on what I do and what I don't, take a look  at this blog:::::




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