pspspsp come here


Warning: Cringey Content
* pours some wine onto a plate and throws in a plastic spoon *

sorry ran out of cups. have some wine in a plate- djdjhd if you don't want wine, there's some h2o in a bowl?? 

so talk to me. how was your week? I hope it wasn't bad ;; the week is nearly over, you got this! I know it's exams season so I hope you're not stressing over those. you can do it~ I'll be cheering for you on the sidelines uwu.

 here's a snack- youre doing so well :D I'm proud of you. * slides some dino nuggies *
if someone has upset you this week- give me addy and we can stroll down there in my powerwheel and throw some hands heheh oh- you haven't seen my power wheel ? 


you think we can make those haters jealous? Fhdjjd 

anyway, I love you * smothers you with kisses * thank you for stopping by my office. I'm sorry not sorry for being cringey. but I bet you needed that good laugh. :D 

- KingKong


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morosis 2 months ago
nunchi 2 months ago
puddin 2 months ago
limoncello 2 months ago
d dino nuggies and wine :o
seagulll 2 months ago
inzaghi 2 months ago
Highlight of my week was : i got a new job and am putting my 2 weeks notice in at my current workplace tomorrow
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