wanna know the most annoying thing?

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when normal rps become based.

it doesn't even always happen to just aus, it happens to nonaus too. and not because of the admin but because of the people inside the rp.

am I wording that right? coz that's what I notice in some nonau and/or au rps that weren't originally made for the spicy threads. like it's okay to see once in a while but for it to be the only thing to see? people hoeing around and screwing around with each other? or just doing it with more than one person - not polyamory wise but just multiple people they don't have feelings for.

y'all rabbits or smth?

yeah lemon threads are cool and all but it gets annoying after a while when it's the only thing you see in rooms or walls. there's no actual rping it's just- that. idk if I'm the only person that feels like this about it but that's my opinion. whether it's a nonau OR an au, not just aus. and some people even advertise the rp as based- like no? it wasn't originally made for that so don't advertise it like it is. 

rp isn't all about the , go write yourself a wattpad fanfic. 

sorry not sorry for the rant.

- KingKong


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moonkitty 1 month ago
I agree
e87c02546da7209b52e5 1 month ago
Its ok, because I agree withy ou
DamnDaehyun 1 month ago
h2_hoo 1 month ago
turnercentric 1 month ago
B-but, sir! People will die if they don't let themselves get sum !

baleine 1 month ago
i've noticed this. and i start to feel Very uncomfortable around those who are just...constantly vulgar or where the topic of conversation is always something rated. especially when such comments or conversations end up being directed towards those that don't want to participate in it ?? (if that makes sense). i understand being rated towards a s/o but towards every person one encounters is just a tad off-putting. and it's really sad when cute rps (non-au or au) get overtaken by those who just seem to be in a Mood 24/7.
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