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idk why but I had this sudden idea to open an apartmentau- open to all orients ofc. though I was unsure if many people would be interested, if hardly anyone was interested I was planning to make it just friends only or smth. 

this can be a reservation blog so if you're interested, just comment the full name of your faceclaim.


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_PrimRose_ 1 month ago
kim jennie >.<
-pxpsi 1 month ago
shin ryujin!
puddin 1 month ago
myoui mina ! ♡♡
acuteassmess 1 month ago
so it's an au right?
h2_hoo 1 month ago
im so down
Do Hanse for me please
paraiso 1 month ago
 =͟͟͞ ♡̩͙ lee yukyung please
wiggly 1 month ago
Obviously Kang Yeosang
And maybe Lee Siyeon if we can have two
wonholic 1 month ago
omg yes! i’ve been missing au’s lately >u<

could i get kim jisoo hehe
teacuptentacles 1 month ago
Would this be like they all live in an apartment building together? I’m def interested
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